All FF1 characters return for the game

The release Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is rapidly approaching. This new game from Square Enix and Team Ninja will be a dungeon crawler action RPG that takes a lot of cues from Team Ninja’s Nioh Franchising. Players take control of Jack as he and a group of allies travel through a mystical realm to restore light to their crystals and banish the evil that is destroying the world. Along the way, they will have access to lots of classics Final Fantasy classes, and can use various spells in real-time combat. The game seems to offer a tough challenge but gives the player the tools to overcome any enemies.


If Origin of Final FantasyYour story sounds familiar, that’s because it’s an adaptation of ‘s story Final Fantasy 1. The game serves as an alternate narrative about FF1, although it may take some surprises later on. As a result, many of the characters and locations present in the original game will also be adapted here in a brand new 3D setting. Players were shown a remake of the original Chaos Shrine dungeon complete with a fight with Garland at the end, and marketing materials have revealed that many other characters from the original will also be present. There is a good chance that most Final Fantasy 1Her limited cast will appear as a presenter in Origin of Final Fantasy.

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Warriors of Light

Jack Warriors of Light King of Cornelia

Final Fantasy 1The iconic Warriors of Light is once again at the center when Origin of Final Fantasyof the main characters. Looks like the party of the original game is staffed by voiceless model characters, FFO gave the group its own name, design and personality. Jack, Jed, Ash, and Neon used their blades to bring light back to their crystals, just as their player-named equivalents did so many years ago.

At least, that’s how the group is presented. A woman the team finds in Tiamat’s room appears alongside these four Warriors in various commercials. Oddly enough, in a photo showing the main characters and this woman, she side by side with Jed, Ash and Neon inside plumes of smoke the color of four crystals. The main character Jack is engulfed in gray smoke, standing right in front of the majestic image of Garland. It seems that the old story of the four Warriors of Light appearing together before Cornelia may not be so dry anymore.

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Garland and Chaos

Square Enix Final Fantasy 1

So is the story of Garland and Chaos. In the original Final FantasyGarland was a loyal knight of Cornelia until one day he went mad and kidnapped Princess Sarah. He was killed by the Warriors of Light and then sent into the past two thousand years to become Chaos. Chaos kills the Warriors of Light, sends the Four Fiends to the present to destroy the land and bring Garland back, and then the time loop begins again. That’s how the plot of FF1 until the player repeats Warriors.

Origin of Final Fantasy plan to play with this recipe. Garland who fought in Chaos Shrine was actually Neon pretending to be Chaos, as she did not believe that the God of Discord was actually real. Jack’s last name is later revealed to be Garland, suggesting that he is on his way to becoming the Chaos he so despises. How would that happen is a mystery left for players to discover in the full game.

Princess Sarah and Royal Cornelian

Princess Sarah Mia

Garland begins the plot of Final Fantasy 1 and Origin of Final Fantasy by kidnapping Princess Sarah, the eldest princess of the Cornelian royal family. Sarah’s role in FFO just like in the original game, both as an engine of story progression and as a loyal advocate for the heroes. Like in the original, Sarah spends most of her free time playing her lute, which can come in handy at times. Sarah is seen with her sister Mia in FFO, an unimportant NPC in the original game.

The King of Cornelia and Minister Lagone return as Final Fantasyoriginal quest giver. Lagone originally had no name, but he and his king were both displayed in ways that were loyal to the spirits of their underworld throughout the years. The duo search for heroes as prophesied by the sage Luhkan, and the King will build a bridge in honor of the Warriors if they can rescue his daughter. The King is already married to Queen Jayne, though she remains a minor character like her classic self.

Four monsters

Four Elemental Archfiends in Final Fantasy Origin

The Four Fiends are set to reprise their role as the primary threats to the Warriors of Light in their adventure. So far, only Tiamat has appeared with a new design, but it is certain that all four will reappear as climax boss fights throughout Origin of Final Fantasy. Only time will tell how they fit into the seemingly altered lore of the new game.

Pirate Captain Bikke

Square Enix Final Fantasy 1

Rounding out the returning cast is known at this point as pirate captain Bikke, a minor early-stage villain in the original game. Bikke rules the port town of Pravoka in place of the governor and commands a group of pirates loyal to him that fight for him. Those crew members were really the only ones fighting in his classic encounter, as the captain himself simply sat back and watched. That won’t be the way Bikke FFO the match goes on, but chances are they’ll still be around. The judges are looking at whether Bikke will actually survive the fight against these new, more powerful Warriors of Light, but they’ll probably still be up for the test.

Bikke’s presence shows that Origin of Final Fantasy will be very close to the story progression of the original game. That means minor villains like Astos and side quest providers like Matoya and Bahamut will likely reappear with some ability, even if it’s only on a single level or some cutscenes. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin may be doing a a lot of changes compared to the original Final Fantasy, but the core adventure through a dying fantasy land remains intact.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin released for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on March 18, 2022.

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