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Spider-Man may have one of the most beloved rogues galleries in comics history, filled with iconic villains who have stood the test of time and enjoyed multiple versions. attractive alternative. Among the most recognizable bad guys in that category is Norman Osborn, AKA The Green Goblin.

Green Goblin has been introduced in 1964, just over a year since the publication of the original Spider-Man comic. The character’s original incarnation was Norman Osborn, a cold-hearted industrialist whose exposure to toxic chemicals created a violent self known as The Green Goblin. Willem Dafoe’s inspirational performance in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman affirms this character as one of the outstanding villains of superhero cinema. The character is probably the best Candidate for Spider-Man’s Enemy, so he appeared in nearly all of the Spider-Man media.


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The first Spider-Man on screen was an animated classic that was released just 4 years after the start of the comics. The Green Goblin is here, voiced by Len Carlson, who has also portrayed many other characters in the series. This iteration of the Goblin is quite different from the comics, it doesn’t mention his real name or bio and changes both his origin and his set of powers. While the typical Green Goblin uses cutting-edge technology provided by Norman Osborne’s company, this version of the show is obsessed with black magic. Goblins use magic living room tricks to carry out robberies before defeated by Spider-Man, then escapes with a team of fellow villains, only to succumb to the skirmish and return to prison.

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The next Spider-Man cartoon ran for only 26 episodes in six months. The Green Goblin here is voiced by Neil Ross, an extremely brilliant voice actor, perhaps best known for his role as Keith. In the original Voltron. Similar versions of the character exist in the concurrent sequence Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Voiced by Dennis Marks. This goblin is much more in line with the source material, depicting Osborn and the goblin as completely separate personalities. The series sees Osborn and the Green Goblin fight for control of their bodies, often leaving one person in place after an injury. Osborn ends the series under control, placing himself in a mental institution until he can be sure that his alternate personality is gone forever.

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NS classic of the 90s Spiderman series was the first to portray Norman Osborn before he became the Green Goblin. He appears, voiced again by Neil Ross, as an unscrupulous businessman who is often forced to team up with the Kingpin to fight Spider-Man. When inverting the source material, Hobgobiln is the inspiration for the Green Goblin. Osborn hires the Hobgoblin to kill the Kingpin, then after a typical industrial disaster, the new personality takes the Hobgoblin’s suit to become the new villain. This is the longest running series to date, and it allows Green Goblin to see through all of his key beats from previous iterations. This goblin threatened the city with a time machine and ended up trapping himself and his Spider-Man girlfriend in Limbo. Later, Norman’s son, Harry Osborn, took the cape, terrorized Spider-Man, and was ready to transfer to Ravencroft Institute to deal with his trauma.


This series takes place on Counter-Earth, a distant planet separated from Earth by an asynchronous time. This planet works like an alternate universe, most of the established rules are overturned on top of it. Then this Green Goblin is a hero that assists Spider-Man against the highly evolved. This version is a man named Hector Jones, armed with a backpack with wings and some paraphernalia. He initially mistook Spidey for a villain, but quickly joined the local uprising. He is presumed dead after an accident, but the final episode shows him still fighting, in a war that never pays off.

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Norman Osborn is played by Alan Rachins and Green Goblin is voiced by Legendary voice actor Steve Blum. This iteration of the character appears suddenly, battling other criminals for supremacy in the city. His identity remained a mystery since early on, Norman even ensnared his son Harry to distance himself from his alter ego. This Green Goblin clashed with other villains like Tombstone and made multiple attempts at Spider-Man’s life. The Green Goblin was defeated and presumed dead, but Osborn escaped the country, appearing elsewhere under a false name. The series ends with Harry vowing revenge on his father.

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This recent series plays with a lot of source material to mix and match characters. Norman Osborn spends the first season as the main antagonist, becoming the Green Goblin during the season’s finale. This iteration is much bigger and monstrous, but still uses many of his signature technologies. As in many versions, Osborn and Goblin often trade control of their bodies through amnesia. Osborn even briefly became the superhero Iron Patriot while in control. After many gruesome deeds as the Green Goblin, Osborn finally created a vaccine that removed the Goblin personality and allowed him to live as Iron Patriot. This version also gives a brief introduction an alternate universe version character’s complete with demon wings to join the Sinister Six interdimensional.

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Set in the home universe of Miles Morales, this blockbuster offers fans plenty to enjoy. New about classic villains. This Green Goblin is a winged monster from this universe, without a plot but inspired by the comics. He appeared briefly, wrapping himself around Peter Parker as Miles looked at Miles in horror. He is killed, thrust into the Kingpin’s Super Collider in a battle that costs Parker his life. This iteration of the character didn’t take up much screen time, but impressed audiences with his radically different performance and menacing portrayal.

The Green Goblin is a character with deep appeal, always a little different from one role to the next. The character also appeared briefly in the sequel Spidey and his wonderful friends, and a Japanese couple that released the Marvel animated series.

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