Alight Motion Pro Apk Without Watermark 2022

Alight motion is a video editor for android and got fame recently among android video editors. Because of its a lot of features than any other video editor doesn’t provide. It is important to note that it has a huge variety of tools and features that are helpful for creating stunning videos.

This video editor has two versions a free one and paid one. Both are available on the play store. If you can purchase it then directly purchase it from the play store. You can also download the free version from the play store as well. But one problem with the free version is that it contains a watermark of Alight motion.

When you export the videos with this video editor you will get a watermark on your videos. But you can still download Alight Motion Without watermark from here.

You might be thinking that it will be a very complex video editor as it is used by professionals right? but you are totally wrong its a lightweight and easy-to-use video editor for both pro-level video editors and newbies as well.

If you are running any channel on youtube or creating videos for Facebook and Instagram then this is the must-have video editor for your android devices. All the professionals who are creating videos from their mobile are using this video editor.

Features of Alight Motion Pro

Photo Editor

One of the main features that Alight motion pro provides is that it has a pre-build photo editor as well. There are a lot of photo frames are available that you can directly use for creating beautiful photos. All the frames are unlocked in this pro version. Moreover, you can do more photo editing in this app as well.

No Watermark

If you export videos with watermark and share them on social media or on your Youtube channel it does not look professional as well as it will not make you can professional youtube and video editor as well. That’s the reason we have just removed the watermark from this pro version. Now you can export the videos without a watermark.


To create ease for video editors the developer of Alight motion has created thousands of effects. All the effects are fully unlocked in this pro version and you can use them without any charges. These effects will make your videos stunning and beautiful.


There is a huge library of fonts that are available on this video editor. Now you can create attractive titles using this font. You can now use multiple fonts on a single video. Choosing and using fonts in videos are now easy.

Export 4k

Watching 4k videos is the dream of everyone. Now almost every device supports 4k videos. Thus with the help of Alight Motion pro, you can export videos in 4k and impress and engage your audience with 4k videos.

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