Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as Member of the House, offers advice on how the Senate should operate as she tore the chamber; The ‘old men’ club’ is in need of a ‘collapse’

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., joined the Senate Monday after Senator Joe Manchin, DW. Va., announced on Sunday that he would not support President Biden’s massive “Build Back Better” bill.

The progressive left is pushing for the bill to pass as it spends trillions of dollars on new climate and social issues and measures.

But without the support of all Democrats in the equally divided room, the legislation could not pass by a simple majority under the rules governing the budget.

And Manchin has, for weeks, balked at the cost of the bill, stating that he fears another massive injection of federal dollars into the economy will make existing inflation even worse.

That didn’t matter, however, for “AOC,” who told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show:

And this idea has, again, over time gone from being a chatterbox to now just standing, posing and making threats. God forbid that they might actually have to show up and stand or – or sit and really have to talk and really live up to the threat of their stupidity.

I mean, the way the Senate operates is unscrupulous. It is fundamentally undemocratic. And now what it’s doing is authorizing the disenfranchisement of people across the country. We are in a crisis. Nineteen states have passed more than 33 laws to limit or limit the right to vote in the United States of America. We are beyond the time for something to pass.

And my concern is even Manchin’s compromise or the fact that he made a statement just last week, that he was only talking to MPs about the right to vote in light of – how Which hasn’t happened all year?

And so what we really need to do is crack down on the Senate, which operates like an old boys’ club in which some of the girls have been successful and we need to be really successful. some kind of organization – we need to do some institutional discipline.

If people want to threaten to block ambassadors, if they want to threaten dysfunction, they really need to show up and do it. They need to show up and talk. And that’s the compromise, by the way, because there shouldn’t even be a short in the first place. And they need to really make sure that we’re actually calling people to their threats.

And this idea that we can go on Fox News or go on any – and legislate through television, and say we’re going to threaten to block ambassadorship, or threaten a cameraman or threaten to quit. vote no, which leads to practically unacceptable institutional inaction.

And again, the president of the United States, who I believe needs to be more aggressive in handling. I believe he also needs to lean on his executive authority and say that if you get in the way, we’ll find other ways to do this. And it’s whether you’re with us or you’re not with us. But this train is moving. And we need management. Because the representative group of the United States is setting an agenda for the people.

We can’t blame Mitch McConnell, and we can’t blame Joe Manchin either. Because we have the tools at our disposal with trifecta. And what we need to do is think about and prioritize the communities that elected those majorities. And that includes the poor, the working class, the middle-class Americans, the black Americans, the immigrant community, etc.

And that’s it – we have to get through a routine politics where all those people compromise with a very narrow group of wealthy voters. Because when elections are determined by one to two points, we can’t let anyone crash on voter turnout. In neighborhoods, among youth voters, in black communities, states, for whatever reason.

Every community is very important right now. And we cannot allow – we cannot allow the climate crisis to become a disaster. That’s what – that’s what’s being presented right now with this bill moving in the direction or further cut. Because as I said in the home democracy caucus, some of us are really going to have to live on this planet for another 50 years. And right now what happens right now determines how bad it will be. And this is real life. This is a serious thing. And we need to manage it.

“And we need to really make it clear that this bill, this framework, was signed by Joe Manchin. And so this is a better Joe Manchin Building Back Act,” she added.

“And this idea that we’re going to go back to the table and give him the pen back to get the bill he already has – his ink has run out makes little sense. So I think about that path, we really need to evaluate it. Because this used to be – you know, being tied down was the way it was all this time, all this year. And so, let’s put that part aside,” continued the proud Democratic socialist.

“But I also think, you know, as an institution, in my opinion, it’s important for the Senate to step up its management culture. And I know that might sound vague, but the thing — like Joe and Mika and I just discussed, for example, is that there are certain reforms that can be implemented in the culture of the Senate,” she said.

“And decisions being made in the Senate can make this more difficult. And to make it harder for the environment to do this.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as Member of the House, offers advice on how the Senate should operate as she tore the chamber; The ‘old men’ club’ is in need of a ‘collapse’


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