Alex Berenson Continues Vaccine Fearmongering on Tucker Carlson’s Show

Alex Berenson, “The most wrong man of the pandemic,” engage in more typical irresponsible comments about Covid-19 vaccines on Tucker Carlson’s Friday night show.

Berenson has appeared many times with guests on Fox News over the past few months, and has become known for his anti-vaccination commentary. You may have seen the clip of Berenson being cheered on at CPAC for celebrating the fact that not enough Americans are “successful” at getting vaccinated.

Berenson tried to tell Carlson that the reason Los Angeles County was reintroducing masking mandates was that they wanted people to be “scared.”

Carlson then turned to vaccines and commented, “We are now being told that there is a third wave and this could reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. How effective are the vaccines, do we know so far?

“Unfortunately, vaccines seem to be losing effectiveness very quickly,” Berenson actually says.

CDC recently said that 99.5% of Covid-19 deaths in the past few months occurred in unvaccinated people. The Delta variant is more contagious, and people who have been vaccinated have a very small chance of getting the virus, but the vaccine protects them from severe illness or death.

At one point when Berenson talked about his Twitter account being temporarily locked, he hinted at something covert about “there is enormous public health pressure and great financial pressure on these vaccines.

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Alex Berenson Continues Vaccine Fearmongering on Tucker Carlson’s Show

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