Akechi should be split into two characters

Goro Akechi is one of the most interesting characters of Persona 5 due to his rivalry with the main character. Although Joker and Akechi have a lot in common, the difference between being alone versus having friends sets them on very different paths. Much Persona fans hope to get more Akechi in Persona 5 Royal, and they did with more scenes and the ability to spend free time with him in places like Kichijoji’s Jazz Club and Cafe, as well as fight in a different palace with him.

Despite being a fan favorite and having a lot of strengths as a character, Akechi is a character with too much going on at once. He is a high school student, rival, friends, soul mates, personality users, villains, celebrities, detectives and assassins throughout the game. This character is meant to have a double life, but there is a part of him that can be the character itself. Akechi’s detective part had morally good points about questioning the Ethics of the Phantom Thief, but revealing his true nature threw any moral considerations into the gutter. A detective role might be better suited for an entirely different character, one who can always question the morality of the changing Ghost Thieves.


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The good, unexplored things that Akechi did as a detective

Joker after an all-out attack.

At the beginning of the game, Akechi is completely in the role of the famous detective, and calls Ghost thief are criminals, despite their popularity and positive changes to society. He makes good points, pointing out that endings don’t necessarily justify the means, and that The Phantom Thief is brainwashing others for change. What they are doing is a crime, and they know because they are calling themselves “thieves”. Any detective worthy of them will pursue them and become more enamored with it as they become more popular with the public.

Of course, at once, Phantom Thieves disliked Akechi for this anti-Phantom Thief attitude and distrusted him. This makes his ultimate betrayal and revelation as a villain much less impactful. Revealing his villainous character also throws any moral arguments he used as a detective under the bus. The game shows that Akechi was never really behind the morals he preached, and thus the moral condition of stealing hearts in Persona 5 forever undiscovered and abandoned.

This is a disappointment as it treats the Joker and the gang as heroes rather than con artists, even though the game wants to put them in a contrived role. A con man has no a legitimate good opponent is a missed opportunity, so separating Akechi into two characters would be a good move, and can be done without harming the popular character’s backstory.

How should the character be divided?

Akechi talks to Joker.

Is one detective ace The popular high school student has always been an odd role for Akechi, as he is treated like a popular idol, but at the same time actually works for the Tokyo Prefectural Special Investigations Bureau. The other cases he dealt with never appeared, and the role was almost decorative. If Akechi could be a famous Japanese high school student, that would make more sense. No real good detective wants to seek idol-level fame, as that would really be detrimental to their work.

A detective with good faith in the actual law, as Akechi pretends, would be a great addition to Persona 5 Royal. Like Akechi, this character will also be a likable opponent, but must be honest from the start. They wouldn’t have a palace or any distortion that would make them as spoiled as Sae Nijima, but actually, be a good person who doesn’t like Phantom Thieves for good reasons.

They would be an opponent with a heart of gold, and a morally questionable opponent of the Phantom Thieves, but never caught them. Alternatively, they can be a very close confidant to the Joker without knowing that he is the actual leader of the Phantom Thieves. A great source of character inspiration that can be used for a detective character such as this is Inspector Zenigata, Lupine’s rival in Lupine the third.

As for Akechi, he may still be a celebrity who tries to do everything perfectly due to his insecurities and desire to compete. He was still able to become an assassin for Shido and ended up having a big betrayal with Phantom Thieves. As for his involvement in the police that made him so powerful, he can only do it with Shido’s Connection without a detective license.

Persona 5 Royal currently available for PS4.

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