Air-Clenz’s antimicrobial monitor fights viruses in real life

People have been forced to make some major changes over the past few years with the pandemic still raging across the globe. Many people now work remotely to avoid the risks of going to a potentially hazardous workplace. It is incomprehensible and has indeed benefited some. However, it is not necessarily a long-term solution for many people, and that is a problem. But Air-Clenz’s antimicrobial screen can solve that problem.

At CES 2022, Air-Clenz, an air purification company, revealed the idea of ​​an air-purifying antimicrobial screen. It’s an interesting idea and certainly makes sense. Screens are pretty rough when you think about it, especially since they can collect all sorts of germs from throughout the day. From coughing and sneezing, to simply breathing on your screen, you are unknowingly spreading a load of germs around that place.

Keep airways clean

Air-Clenz’s concept of an antimicrobial screen is certainly intriguing. The company introduced an add-on for LG monitors that essentially has an HVAC filter inside of it. It’s not exactly the most aesthetically impressive piece of technology, as you can see the glue that holds them together. Not that it really matters because sane is more important than things like smooth edges and RGB. Well, to some people anyway.

The visor or coating for the display fits snugly around the back, and from the front, it looks like the display is in some kind of box. On the back of the shroud, there are a total of six fans and a bunch of wires, but this isn’t the final product, so none of these are indicative of what you’ll see at the door. retail goods. That’s also a good thing, as six fans working at the same time can be quite noisy.

Air-Clenz . anti-germ uv filter

(Image credit: Air-Clenz).

It all looks a little rough, but there’s a reason for that. Air-Clenz’s goal is not to produce the technology as a finished display product, but to patent it to other display manufacturers. What we’re seeing here is more of a proof of concept than anything. Air-Clenz also shows that this design can be applied to laptops via a docking station.

For gaming, this can be quite a useful technology. Especially when it comes to esports events and congresses where a lot of people come and go. However, it is difficult to say if it will really help in that situation considering the large amount of people and the fact that many filters will need to run to make a difference.

Until more data is collected, it’s unclear how effective the Air-Clenz antimicrobial screen concept could be in the long run. A large amount of testing will be required to measure its effectiveness. Still, it’s a compelling addition to CES 2022, as we begin to see technology evolve in light of the pandemic’s new status quo.

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