Age Of Mythology: Best Gods, Ranking

age of mythology is a true gem of the RTS genre and mixes classics Age of Empires Fantasy-style mythology RTS gameplay to create a thoroughly enjoyable strategy game. Important, age of mythology has an impressive array of gods to choose from, with the Extended Edition and DLC totaling 15 gods representing 5 different civilizations.

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Each of these gods has a unique playstyle, meaning it’s worth trying them all to see which one suits a player best. age of mythology is also remarkably well balanced, and basically any of the gods can be doable and fun to play with a little time and effort. Admittedly, there are some clear favorites though, so it pays to know which are the best overall.


10 isis

Isis has a solid late game, with powerful attacks and particularly strong with the sub-god Hathor giving players access to powerful units and buffs. Eat too makes technologies 10% cheaper, boosts the population of city centers and protects monuments from divine powers. These bonuses combined with technologies and her prosperity deity, which temporarily doubles gold gathering, means Isis can potentially develop a strong economy.

However, Isis fights on many maps and is often an inconsistent choice. It’s particularly difficult to keep up with other gods in the early game, so Isis remains a somewhat inconsistent and niche option, but still a decent option for those who know how to play it well.

9 Kronos

Though often overlooked, Kronos is notable for having a particularly annoying playstyle in the earliest stages of a game Oracle, Greek scout unitsto harass enemy resource production. This can be a powerful strategy and even completely paralyze opponents, especially since Kronos has access to a unique technology that empowers Oracles.

That being said, this strategy largely relies on opponents making mistakes, so Kronos is a bit inconsistent. Kronos is still a fun option, however, due to unique abilities like the ability to time-shift buildings within line of sight, allowing for more eccentric playstyles.

8th Odin

Odin boasts a particularly impressive army composition as he has access to a range of powerful units and buffs focused on enhancing those units. For example, Huskarls, Ballistae, and Portable Rams have 20% more health and Jarls have 10% more. In addition, all human soldiers gradually regenerate their health, which means that Odin allows players to build a very powerful army.

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However, Odin’s god powers are on the weaker side, meaning even a mighty army of gods can be beaten with destructive powers. Nonetheless, Odin is still a good choice with powerful units.

7 Hades

Hades is more of a niche god, and playing as Hades often puts players on the defensive, especially on maps where Hades is a weaker option. This is backed by a significant buff to building health and attack, but it’s a struggle to punish opponents for early-game mistakes.

However, Hades gets much stronger in the late game as it has access to more powerful buildings for gold production Excellent Mythic Unit Gastraphetes, an archer unit with excellent damageespecially because of the 10% archer damage buff available to Hades.

6 Nu Wa

Nu Wa has a particularly impressive late game, with strong cavalry and the powerful Mythos unit White Tiger. Nu Wa has also improved Favor generation from Gardens and all human units are also 10% cheaper making it easier to farm. Granted, Nu Wa can struggle on a lot of maps, especially water maps, meaning she’s just not worth picking in many situations. However, on the right map, Nu Wa can be a great option and scale well in the late game, even against the most powerful gods.

5 Ra

Ra is a reliable option on most maps and provides significant buffs for Priests and Workers. While Ra is certainly not weak in the early game, he can be outclassed in some situations, but in the late game he’s nearly unmatched as he gives serious buffs Empowering pharaohs and monuments are also cheaper.

Because of this, Ra, like Hades, becomes extremely powerful in the late game, with a very strong economy. When dealing with gods with a great early game like Fu Xi, a large part of Ra’s playstyle is about delaying until his full potential is reached, which can be difficult but very rewarding if you succeed power.

4 Oranos

Oranos is a fairly easy god to play, making it a good option especially for new players. Oranos is very consistent and strong on every map. Its abilities give players plenty of room to work and make the game quite forgiving, with fast units, good favor generation, and better houses.

Oranos also has access to the unique Sky Passage Building, an excellent tactical option that allows units to be instantly transported wherever they are built. This means it’s easy to respond to enemy attacks with a decent network of sky passages, 10 of which can be built in total.

3 Sentence

Although Set can be difficult to play, it’s a great pick with a very high potential to be extremely strong. Set is especially unique because he can convert wild beasts with priestswhich puts them under the player’s control and also makes them surprisingly useful in combat, especially when augmented with Feral technology.

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Set is probably the strongest god in the game when it comes to exploring and gathering information, with hyenas and priests being particularly useful for this task, combined with his god power Vision, which reveals a large part of the map for a short period of time.

2 Zeus

Zeus is an extremely versatile god and surpasses the other Greek gods because they are much more niche. Zeus gives players a notable favor buff, doubling the favor limit and increasing the rate at which villagers generate favor when worshiping in temples. Zeus also makes infantry much stronger, doubling their damage to buildings and increasing hoplite movement speed.

Zeus dominates on water maps, and there aren’t many other gods who can consistently beat him on them. Zeus’ god power, Bolt, is also a great counter against most enemy heroes.

1 Fu Xi

Fu Xi takes the top spot as an excellent all-rounder, with a very strong early game that is often able to end games before other gods can reach their full potential. Importantly, Fu Xi comes equipped with a number of strong economic buffs, including crafting Buildings cost 20% less wood, unit upgrades significantly cheaper, and the unique domestication technology that increases the collection rate for various food resources.

Additionally, as a Chinese god, Fu Xi not only has access to the powerful Immortals hero unit, but unlike the other Chinese gods, has the ability to train all 8 Immortals from the start of the game, rather than being locked to 2 per age. While other gods are likely to catch up in the late game and potentially surpass Fu Xi, it’s hard to deny that he’s an extremely strong pick and very difficult to play against.

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