Age Of Empires 4: The Best Religious Civilizations

The diversity of civilizations in Age of Empires 4 allowing players to play with the country that suits them best. Some civilizations have a large army, while others rely more heavily on their economy.

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There are also countries that depend on religion. In Age of Empires 4, Religious units play an important role for some Civilizations. In fact, the gameplay of some factions mostly revolves around them. Whether playing for Relics or simply to heal the army, players should not underestimate the power of these countries.


Delhi Sultanate


While all Civilizations built their Monasteries at Castle Age, the Delhi Sultanate can build Mosque at the start of the game (Dark times).

Recruit a Scholar This can soon prove essential in early teamfights if the player chooses to play proactively. At this point, Delhi can form an army lance soldier. Add healers to these light infantry, and they can win early battles.

Scholars could also garrison Mosques and speed up the process of researching neighboring buildings. The technology is free, so it’s a fair trade; spend gold to buy scholarships in exchange for faster research. In Feudal era, Delhi Sultanate embarks on unique religious technology, Sanctity. It allow Scholars to grasp Sacred Sites before any other Civilization, giving Delhi a huge advantage to win the game early. It can even double the passive Gold income that comes from captured Sanctuarys.

Finally, by the time the player reaches Royal Age, they will have access to War Elephants. These animals are very bulky but very strong. Having a Scholar to heal them in battles can make killing these War Elephants a tedious chore for opponents.

Holy Roman Empire


At the beginning of the Dark Ages, there wasn’t even Monastery, The Holy Roman Empire can recruit a Prelate. A Religious Unit that played an important role in that Era. Samples can encourage Villager to gather resources 40% faster. Just like the Delhi Sultanate, the early religious healer allowed the Romans to play offensively, healing their primitive army while other Civilizations failed to do so.

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The Holy Roman Empire also had access to two Religious Landmarks: Aachen Chapel and Church of Regnitz. The Aachen Chapel may be garrisoned by a Bishop. It will inspire all nearby Villagers and armies to perform better. For Regnitz Cathedral, player can place up to three Relics inside this Landmark. The Relics will generate 200% more Gold than normal, boosting Roman Gold production to new heights.


Warrior monk

Rus has access to a very unique unit, Warrior Monk. It was a Religious Horseman that could do many tasks, such as fighting, healing, retrieving relics, and capturing Holy Lands. Even without all those features, having a Mobile Monk is perfect for Rus.

By the time Rus wanted to switch to the Castle Age, they can build a Religious Landmark Is called Abbey of Trinity; it has some very important buffs for Warrior Monk. The battles for the Relics and the Sanctuary begin at this age, and Rus can easily steal these Relics without the danger of being pursued by their Monks.

Age of Empires 4 was released on October 28, 2021 and is currently available on PC.

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