Age Of Empires 4: The Best Economic Civilizations

To dominate the battlefield in Age of Empires 4, the player needs to carefully execute his strategy. This is important to be done right from the start of the match. For example, some Civilizations can survive early game without certain resources. While some others desperately need everything.

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In each match, Age of Empires 4 The player must raid the map for supplies of vital resources. In the late game, they will even find themselves fighting for a gold mine, as gold will be the most important commodity. Fortunately, some Civilizations do not need to participate in this atrocity, as they can thrive simply by having unique Technologies and gameplay.


The Abbasids

House of Wisdom

The end-game goal of the Abbasids is to achieve The Golden age. Age has three floors, and each floor can be unlocked by building structures and Landmarks within the influence of House of Wisdom. Buildings 10, 30, and 60 will grant these summoners, respectively:

  • The first tier increases Villager’s collection speed by 10%
  • Second level increases Villager research and gathering speed by 15%
  • The third level increases the Research, production, and gathering speed of the Villager by 20%

House of Wisdom is a Great Landmark for the Abbasids. That’s why it’s the only Landmark they can build. With each Wing upgrade, Civilization will gain a stronger foundation to support their dominance. The number of unique advantages and advantages that this Landmark offers is astounding, such as:

  • Fresh food: Reduces the cost of Villagers.
  • Agriculture: Farm villagers 15% faster.
  • Improved processing: Villagers drop more resources.
  • Spice sugar: Trader’s income is increased.
  • Armored vehicle: Traders get more protection.
  • Grand Bazaar: Trader will return an additional selected resource.


Hunting Cabins

One of the main ways Rus can gain resources is by upgrading Total amount of bonus accumulated. Similar to the Golden Age of the Abbasids, The Rus rank them up when hunting animals (which also improves their income). With 100, 250 and 500 Bonuses accumulated, Rus will generate Gold faster from Hunting Cabins. They also unlock the following offers:

  • The first tier increases food collection by 5%
  • Tier 2 increases food collection by 10%
  • The third level increases food collection by 15%

Rus can build Hunting Cabins around the tree and it will passively generate Gold (based on the number of trees in its circumference). Golden Gate Scenery, built to reach Feudal era, where players can visit every few minutes to exchange resources at extremely favorable prices. Furthermore, when approaching Castle Age, Rus can build High commercial house Scenery. It acts as a Hunting Cabin with one Deer spawning every minute. Buildings also generate 200% more Gold from trees.


Mongolian Gold

It is common to say that the Mongols can be lethal at the start of a match. However, to say that the Mongols can produce so much gold that they don’t even need it, it is not. Mongols can rob Food and Gold from every structure they destroy, giving them the urge to continue raiding the enemy. This ability can be upgraded with Ovoo. It allows the Mongols to loot more Food, Gold and even Stones.

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Silver tree could be built to advance to the Feudal Age. The landmark acts as a Market, and the recruitment of Traders becomes 50% faster and cheaper. Not only that, but also provides coverage of Outpost as the Trader can grant them Speed ​​Yam reward. It will greatly improve their Gold yield.

More, Stepe Redoubt is another Landmark built to advance to the Castle Age. It act like a Ger and increase gold 50% off inside it. Finally, Their Final Milestone, white stupa, passively generate Stones without being near The rock protrudes out.

Age of Empires 4 was released on October 28, 2021 and is currently available on PC.

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