After Xbox’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it became clear that PlayStation needed exclusive FPS

While Xbox’s acquisition of Bethesda last year was a game changer, an even bigger deal was confirmed yesterday. Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard ensures that some of the major franchises could become Xbox exclusives in the coming years. While many have been talking about big moves like potential World of Warcraft Released for Xbox console, the impact that the agreement will have PlayStation equally attractive.

While it remains to be seen how Sony will react, as acquisition of other publishers is certainly a possibility, PlayStation Fans have certainly taken note of the franchises that are no longer seen on the platform. Call of Duty and Overwatch are two of the biggest shooters in the world, and with both potentially becoming Xbox exclusives, the PlayStation will be severely lacking in the FPS department. Sony needs to share news about exclusive FPS sooner rather than later, because right now, Xbox is set to dominate the field.


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Why Xbox’s Activision Blizzard Buys Are So Big For FPS Fans

call of exclusive xbox quest

After acquiring Bethesda and Obsidian, it is clear that Microsoft has making Xbox the cornerstone of Western RPGs. With games like The Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield, Available, and The Outer World 2 lined up for release in the next few years, fans of the genre that enjoy playing on consoles are essentially required to own an Xbox. Now, after buying Activision and Bethesda, FPS fans will also have a hard time resisting the Xbox platform.

In light of the major acquisitions made in the past few months, Microsoft has given FPS fans a great reason to buy an Xbox console. The Halo Franchising Much loved and recognized as one of the most influential shooters of all time, with gamers worldwide attached to Master Chief. However, Xbox has more to offer shooter fans than just Halo now, as its latest acquisitions have essentially seen it dominate the market when it comes to the FPS genre.

In the same way that buying Obsidian and Bethesda allowed Microsoft to instantly build a huge line of Western RPGs, Activision Blizzard adds massive FPS franchises to the Xbox franchise. Overwatch helped bring the hero shooter genre into the mainstream, and now the sequel could become an Xbox exclusive. Annual Call of Duty Released on Xbox only is a legitimate possibility and with all the eras that the franchise covers, a wide range of shooters is guaranteed. These games in addition to Death and Wolfenstein the franchise, which was acquired with the Bethesda deal, means that FPS fans playing on Xbox will have plenty to choose from going forward.

PlayStation could revive a beloved FPS franchise

Killzone 2

Obviously, PlayStation needs to do something to appeal to fans of first-person shooters. Lovers Overwatch may soon miss out on their favorite hero shooter, while PlayStation fans bought the Sony console for to exclude, to expel Call of Duty Content Maybe it’s luck. While none of Sony’s dormant franchises can compete with big names like Overwatch and Call of Duty, bringing one back could at least give FPS fans a reason not to give up on PlayStation.

An option that immediately shows itself as Insomniac game series Resistance. A trilogy of games released during the PS3 generation, the series sees players battle against the Chimera, a violent race of aliens. Telling an interesting story and putting some memorable weapons in the hands of players, many have wanted to see the franchise revived for a while. With Xbox’s shooter lineup going strong, now would be the time to reboot the franchise. Resistance It’s also very versatile, as it can deliver everything from a memorable campaign to a free-to-play multiplayer experience built around battle passes and microtransactions.

The other franchise that Sony could revive is Killzone. While Guerrilla Game is very busy with extension Horizon series, the Killzone IP can easily be transferred to another developer. Killzone never quite achieved the popularity of Halo, but it did have some solid campaigns and memorable multiplayer experiences. Bringing back classic maps like Radec Academy along with the original play space can lead to exciting multiplayer, and reintroducing the dreaded Helghast is sure to lead to a memorable story. With this series of movies always improving in terms of graphics, a Killzone The game will certainly also be a visual spectacle.

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The potential of a new FPS, exclusive to PlayStation


While revival Killzone or Resistance sure to please fans of older PlayStation generations, there’s a reason the franchise doesn’t work in 2021. While both are solid and certainly have untapped potential, but both can’t keep up with an IP like Halo – and definitely not something as big as Call of Duty – so the developers behind them have moved on to new things. Reboots could thus suffer the same fate, so PlayStation might be better off investing in a new franchise.

Right now, the most likely candidate for a PlayStation-exclusive FPS is the upcoming project of De’ Games. The studio includes influential figures such as Jason Blundell, beloved among Call of Duty Zombies fans for his work on some of the mode’s best maps. While De’s game is not confirmed as a shooter, the past work of its development team certainly makes FPS a legitimate possibility. So far, the game is confirmed to have a unique art style and an equal focus on gameplay and storytelling. With De’s project will only go into full production in 2022However, it could be as early as a few years.

Whether it comes in the form of a revival to an old franchise or the launch of a brand new IP, PlayStation has never needed an exclusive FPS more than it does now. Currently, Sony has no exclusive games to fill this void, which has to do with the popularity of the genre. With Halo, Call of Duty, and Overwatch now under the Xbox banner, PlayStation are in a difficult position. Xbox is now set to be the home of FPS, so Sony needs to do something to make a fight and provide players with an alternative to the massive shooters that its rivals will. provided.

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