After Eternals, Who Is Really The Strongest Marvel Character In The MCU?

The next incorporates spoilers for Marvel’s Eternals.Superior power, practical immortality, phantasm casting, manipulation of inorganic matter, and power blasts are only a few of the powers the viewers sees from the brand new group of characters in Eternals. The ten characters who make up the traditional staff of superheroes every have their very own distinctive skills, however they’re clearly extra highly effective than a lot of the characters that the viewers already is aware of within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When a gaggle lives amongst people for hundreds of years, quietly saving the day, it does make the viewers surprise simply who the strongest character actually is.


It’s simple to invest that somebody with the flashiest powers must be the strongest. Ikaris, in spite of everything, is ready to tackle Deviants alone within the film whereas everybody else works in pairs, however only a few of his teammates are capable of subdue him with some ingenuity. Even Hulk is chosen to snap his fingers with an Infinity Gauntlet due to how sturdy he’s in Avengers: Endgame, however he nonetheless finally ends up burned and injured. The strongest character within the MCU has to exhibit related energy and sturdiness.

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Within the MCU the Eternals are, for a time, thought to be god-like figures. Marvel followers who know their Greek and Roman mythology will rapidly notice that they’ve legendary historical past. Thena together with her preventing abilities and skill to create weapons out of her power is Athena, the Greek goddess of battle. Phastos, along with his brilliance and his affinity for know-how is Haephestus. Makkari is the Roman god Mercury. Gilgamesh is a the hero of the epic poem. They’ve lived and saved individuals for hundreds of years, and the individuals have elevated them to god-like standing because of this.

Not one of the Eternals are all highly effective on their very own although. Although many members of the group initially look as much as Ikaris and suppose he needs to be main them, he can’t survive an enormous battle alone both. Each Eternal has their own specialty regardless of their lengthy lives and power. Not one in every of their skills is really superior to the opposite, they usually want each other to defeat the Deviants. It’s simple to see what a tough time they’ve as soon as Ajak, who introduced them collectively and had the power to heal, was out of the image. With out her energy, they might succumb to their accidents.

That doesn’t imply the Eternals aren’t one of many strongest teams within the MCU, nonetheless, there have been different beings which have related powers and power.

A split image depicts Thor with lightning in his eyes and pulling lightning to the bridge in Thor: Ragnarok

The Asgardians have been current within the MCU because the very starting. A part of the primary chapter of Part One, generally known as “Fury’s Massive Week,” Thor lands on Earth simply as Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk and Tony Stark creates the Iron Man armor. Asgardians as an entire don’t have superpowers in the identical means the Eternals do, however the royal household does. It’s the royal household that’s stated to have inspired Norse myth in the MCU. Odin and Thor are each speculated to have superior power to their brethren. Frigga is raised by witches and might use precise magic. Heimdall controls the bifrost, a technique of transportation between realms.

Followers can argue that Thor is the strongest of the unique Avengers. In spite of everything, he can use Mjolnir to fly, pummel his enemies, and channel lightning. As demonstrated in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity Battle, nonetheless, he doesn’t even really want the hammer to do these issues. Thor can literally summon lightning from the sky to make use of in opposition to his enemies with none hurt coming to him. That’s definitely one of many strongest Asgardian strikes the viewers has seen. Thor, nonetheless, is an outlier in terms of energy amongst his individuals. He used to spend a while with at the least one of many Eternals. Kingo calls him an outdated pal who used to comply with him round, however now, received’t return his calls.

Just like the Eternals, the Asgardians are merely humanoids who come to Earth, display some spectacular energy, power, and sturdiness, and find yourself revered as gods. Even the Asgardians now have somebody stronger than them within the MCU although.


Although the Celestials had been speculated to be an extinct race in line with the Guardians of the Galaxy motion pictures (who noticed Knowhere constructed into the cranium of a deceased Celestial), Eternals proves that not to be the case. Ajak, and later, Sersi, is actively in communication with Arishem, who claims accountability for creating the Eternals within the first place.

Not solely are the Celestials powerful enough to create the Eternals, however in addition they use their cosmic power to assist alongside the births (and deaths) of complete civilizations. A Celestial is born from the dying of a planet, actually tearing it aside as they arrive to life. They started their work hundreds of years, probably even hundreds of thousands, earlier than people walked the Earth.

In addition they have the aptitude of touring the universe extremely rapidly. Arishem makes his method to Earth rapidly as soon as Sersi and her pals defy him. Because the viewers sees when Arishem comes for Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos, the Celestials are huge beings, the scale of a complete planet, who can merely pluck the Eternals from the floor of the Earth like a toddler selecting up a toy. It’s arduous to think about there’s anybody stronger, however there is perhaps.

Doctor Strange 2 Scarlet Witch

If there’s anybody within the MCU who is perhaps stronger than the Celestials, it’s these characters who wield magic. Whereas Celestials can destroy a world and assist to form new ones, a powerful sufficient magic person can change the very material of actuality.

Take the characters of Agatha Harkness, Stephen Unusual, and Wanda Maximoff as examples of magic customers. Agatha has been a witch for hundreds of years, however is restricted by her personal energy. She siphons energy from others to maintain herself in motion. Physician Unusual has traveled between dimensions and in alternate timelines, however he’s executed that largely with the assistance of an Infinity Stone he not has. Wanda Maximoff, however, is the least experienced of the three, however she is perhaps the strongest of all of them.

Wanda manages to alter actuality each single day based mostly on her childhood recollections of sitcoms in WandaVision. She even creates a facsimile of Imaginative and prescient and offers them two kids. She’s capable of concurrently management all the inhabitants of a small city whereas she does it – and that’s all earlier than she’s really conscious of her magical skills. It solely takes her a single confrontation with Agatha Harkness to use issues Agatha tells her to her personal magic, stopping Wanda from taking her energy and releasing the small city from her maintain. Wanda is perhaps the least skilled, however she’s a quick learner, and her energy because the Scarlet Witch seems limitless.

Whereas the Eternals and the Celestials convey some sturdy firepower to the MCU, Wanda Maximoff remains to be the strongest character of all of them.

Eternals is at the moment taking part in in theaters. Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness and Thor: Love And Thunder are at the moment scheduled to land in theaters in 2022.

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A split image depicts members of the Eternals in the MCU and Starfox in Marvel comics
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