Aes Sedai Colors aka Ajahs In The Wheel Of Time TV Show explained

Is the fourth volume of Wheel of time now out, we can learn more about Aes Sedai culture. More importantly, there is a meaning behind the colors that Aes Sedai wears and it relates to their Ajahs.

In the previous three episodes of Wheel of time, we saw many Aes Sedai wearing robes of different colors. For example, Moiraine Damodred wears a blue outfit while Liandrin Sedai wears a red outfit. It turned out that it was not merely a fashion choice but a symbol of their Ajahs – the sects within the organization that reside in the White Tower.

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Into the Arcane: Archives of the Council | Final Input Trailer



Into the Arcane: Archives of the Council | Final Input Trailer





Seven Colors Aes Sedai aka Ajahs

Aes Sedai is an organization in which there are several groups whose members work towards a single goal. When the Dragon destroyed the world, Aes Sedai society was formed, entirely female. Over time, members branch out into specific departments to carry out the missions of the organization. These divisions are known as Ajah, each with its own internal rules and leadership.

When an Aes Sedai is promoted from an Accepted One to a full sister, she chooses her Ajah and applies its vision. There are seven Ajahs of Aes Sedai symbolized by different colors – Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Brown, White, Gray. Each of these Ajahs has different ideologies and purposes in Wheel of time as explained below:

1. Blue Ajah

The members of Blue Ajah wear the same blue robes as Moiraine and they dedicate themselves to the pursuit of justice on behalf of Aes Sedai. This group has the largest network of spies acting as the eyes and ears of the organization. The current leaders of Aes Sedai, Amyrlin Seat and Siuan Sanche, are from Blue Ajah. Members of this group have Warders and see them as mates of the righteous.

2. Red Ajah

The Red Ajah sisters are working to stop the abuse of One Power. It consists of tracking down the men who can channel and stopping them in any way necessary – be it “gentling” (taking away their powers) or killing them. Within the organization, they also punished those Aes Sedais who abused their authority. The members of Red Ajah are not attached to the Warders at all.

3. Blue ajah

The sisters of Green Ajah are known for their combat skills as their aim is to prepare for the Final Battle that will take place when the Dragon returns. They are known for their pompous lifestyle and attachment to many Warders and are often married to at least one of them.

4. Yellow Ajah

All Aes Sedai have healing abilities but members of Yellow Ajah use more powerful healing methods using One Power. Since that’s their main ability, they tend to be weak in other areas like combat skills but there’s no disease they can’t heal.

5. Brown Ajah

They are the Aes Sedai engaged in the academic field, focusing on research and knowledge acquisition of all kinds. They can be compared to the scientists among Aes Sedai and they observe all the ways one can use the One Power.

6. White Ajah

White Ajah’s sisters are few and they are known to be devoted to the study of philosophy. The White Ajahs often distance themselves from the world to meditate on higher thoughts, so they are often awkward and mostly stay in the White Tower. They usually don’t bind Warders for the same reason.

7. Gray Ajah

It included Aes Sedai, who took on a diplomatic role. They act as ambassadors trying to mediate and come up with peaceful solutions between the kingdoms. Because of the nature of their work, they spend more time in the outside world and are more attached to Warders.

The Black Monks Hidden Among Aes Sedai

The Aes Sedai of the White Tower claim that there are no Black Ajahs. But rumor has it that the Black Ajahs are regular members of the Aes Sedai, who hide themselves in plain sight within each Ajah. They secretly support the Dark One and wait for its release. Their role is similar to Dark Friends in Wheel of time but they are much stronger and more dangerous.

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