Adele says she’s ’embarrassed’ after divorce and experiencing anxiety attacks, reacting to weight loss Backlash: I’m too big or too small

Adele says she’s ’embarrassed’ after divorce and experiencing anxiety attacks, reacting to weight loss Backlash: I’m too big or too small

Adele opened up about her personal life in a recent sit-down!

Yesterday (Sunday, November 14), CBS aired a Adele-special focus, voiced Only one night. The 2-hour TV special mainly focuses on Adele concert, although it also interspersed with an interview between the 33-year-old singer and Oprah Winfrey.

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Oprah Winfrey

In her interview with Oprah, Adele give up her divorce from Simon Konecki–A topic is expected to appear in 30 album. She first shared her initial regrets about the relationship that ended in divorce, saying:

“I have been obsessed with a nuclear family all my life because I have never been from a nuclear family. From a very young age [I] promised myself that, when I have a baby, we’ll be together. And I tried for a very long time. ”

She added:

“I take marriage very seriously… and it seems I don’t now. Like I disrespected it by getting married and then divorced so quickly. I feel embarrassed because it happened so quickly.”

Adele also says that, while her divorce sparked negative emotions, it also inspired her to exercise more – which helped her famous weight loss:

“I experienced the most terrible anxiety attacks after leaving my marriage. They completely paralyze me and make me extremely confused because I won’t be able to control my body. [Going to the gym] really helped me get in the right mindset. “



While talking about her weight loss topic, Adele also addressed some fans’ backlash about her slimming down:

“I’m not shocked or even scared by it because my body has been objectified for my entire career. I am too big or too small; I’m hot or I’m not. But it’s not my job to validate how people feel about their bodies. I feel bad when it makes anyone feel terrible about themselves – but that’s not my job. I’m trying to organize my own life. I can’t add one more worry. “



The “Easy On Me” singer then went on to reveal about her relationship with Rich Paul, recounting their first date together:

“We went to dinner, which he said was a business meeting. I was like, a business meeting about what? We will not have a business meeting. And it was just the first time we were just hanging out with each other and not with other friends and stuff like that. So it’s a very natural way. I think that’s how people usually meet, just like in real life. ”

She continued, stating that her relationship with Rich Paul helped her learn to “love herself”. Adele also appreciate the sports agent’s personality:

“He was hilarious. Oh, he’s funny. Yes, and very smart. ”


Adele, Rich Paul

Continuing to talk about her personal life, Adele also revealed that she and her father – who died with her at the age of 2 – reconnected shortly before his death. She initially recounted:

“I have absolutely no expectations of anyone, because I learned not to have them through my father. He is the reason why I do not fully understand the feelings of a loving, loving relationship with someone. “

Adele later said that, after her father became ill, she and him began the process of reconciliation through music. During that time, she gave him her music catalog – which, he said, was “too painful” to hear her work before. Recalling the experience, Adele stated:

“It was amazing for me and him. I think he can hear me sing [about my pain] but we don’t have to say it – we are so similar. His favorites are all my favorites, which is awesome. And he’s proud of me for doing that. So it was very, very healing [and] when he died, literally the wound was closed.”



It should also be pointed out that – during the concert portion of the special –Adele helped a fan propose to his girlfriend. The pair were taken onto the stage with an unsuspecting woman wearing a blindfold and noise-cancelling headphones. Then, to her surprise, after taking off her blindfold and headphones, she finally accepted her boyfriend’s proposal. Later, Adele came from the shadows to congratulate the couple before singing “Make You Feel My Love.”

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