Activision Game Award Controversy Explained

Game Award usually try to stay away from big controversies. If someone is unhappy about what it offers, it tends to be because they disagree with the title won Game of the Year. Presenter and organizer Geoff Keighley seems to know that for the most part he shouldn’t “take sides”, and instead tries to stay above the conflict. As someone who wants to be seen as an ambassador for the gaming industry, he tries to steer clear of the worst lights.


However, sometimes trying to rise above a conflict can be seen as taking sides, as was the case with Keighley and Game Award is currently resolving the ongoing Activision Blizzard controversy. While Keighley said his show won’t celebrate the company itself, avoiding specifically mentioning Activision-Blizzard seems to be around the time when the show will tackle everything that happened in the last year. .

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Game Awards 2021 will focus on prizes

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By not drawing attention to Activision Blizzard’s alleged cases of sexual misconduct and ongoing investigationsKeighley feels the focus of the annual show could be on games. He also made it clear that he wants workers who have nothing to do with any work their superiors are accused of not being caught in the fire – they shouldn’t overlook their hard work because of his actions. people they have no control over.

However, when dealing with a situation where there are so many allegations against Bobby Kotick and other executives at Activision, there is a real danger of erring on the side of caution. Many of the types of employees Keighley is alluding to are also unhappy about the way the industry has dealt with their companies’ flaws. The staff is making a set protest because Kotick still leads Activisionand maybe some people may feel as though they are being ignored while the Game Awards try to avoid larger controversies.

The backlash over the decision of the game prize

Notice that Game prizes will not have Activision doesn’t go far enough for some people. Industry voices like Mike Drucker have made it clear that he feels as though his decision to “focus on the trailer” sent the wrong message. In fact, he feels so strongly about it that he made some comments about the decision to “act like Sweden” in this particular situation.

Drucker isn’t the only one to disagree with the decision, as Konami started trending on Twitter over the weekend as a backlash to The Game Awards. Many have pointed out that the last time Keighley was involved in dispute resolution, he took a very different approach. When Hideo Kojima has very openly divided with KonamiKeighley didn’t just make a statement or talk about the situation on social media.

Instead of ignoring the situation at Game Awards That YearKeighley tried to invite the famous executive to talk about how he disagreed with the way the company was handling their split. Some who expressed their displeasure at The Game Awards at the decision to try and stay neutral wondered why Keighley seemed compelled to comment on Kojima’s situation, but did not act. handle the Activision situation in a similar way. The Game Awards have yet to take place as of the time of this writing, so it’s unclear if an official address for the controversy will be added to the show.

Activity-related game awards

The best role-playing game of 2021

While some voiced comments calling Keighley a hypocrite when it comes to handling allegations at Activision compared to Konami and Hideo Kojima, others suggested that there may be something else behind the argument. Why did The Game Awards pass? Call of Duty Publisher’s latest controversy. There are a number of industry celebrities on The Game Awards’ official advisory board, including from Activision-Blizzard.

Topping the list of those who founded the advisory board is Activision’s president, Rob Kostich. While Kostich does not come below fire with Bobby Kotick When it came to his call to step down, there were more than a few people on social media wondering if a member of Activision’s leadership who is serving on the advisory board is on The Game Awards. keep quiet about the company or not.

There is currently no sign that The Game Awards 2021 is passing Activision controversy because Kostich is on its board of directors. It’s not entirely clear what, if any, powers the board has over how the program is terminated. However, the Activision president’s direct ties to the TGA were certainly something that added to the backlash over the way the situation was handled.

Following backlash over The Game Awards’ handling of the Activision harassment allegations At the peak, Keighley tries to explain his position more on social media. He said he understands there is no “place for abusive, harassing or predatory practices in any company or any community.” He also doubled down on his previous statements about wanting his show to be a celebration of the video game industry, saying, “I also realized that we have a big platform that can accelerate and inspire change We are committed to it, but we all need to work together to build a better and more inclusive environment where everyone feels safe building the best games in the world.”

Game Awards 2021 goes live on December 9, starting at 5:00 p.m. PST.

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