‘Abandoned’ Duty to Both City and the Law

Kim Gardner, George Soros-backed circuit attorney for St. Louis, was charged with quitting her job by the judge in her city.

You may recall hearing the name Gardner a lot last summer, because that was when her name was synonymous with Mark and Patricia McCloskey. The McCloskeys were prepared to use force to secure their home last June when a crowd of protesters gathered in their private neighborhood.

The pair of lawyers stood firm in front of the crowd, with both brandishing their guns in the viral photos.


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Gardner’s office went with them with a rage. Both were charged with illegal use of weapons and suddenly became examples of what can happen to people who stand up to riots.

“It is illegal to wave a weapon in a threatening way – it is illegal in the city of St. Louis,” Gardner said while prosecuting the couple, Related press reported.

Gardner is finally drawn from case by the superior court of Missouri, and she was charged with a political act with motives unrelated to justice.

According to one St. Louis judge last week, Gardner no longer runs an operations office after city prosecutors failed to show up repeatedly when it came time to try an alleged murderer.

Do you think Gardner should lose his license to practice law?

KSDK-TV reported Judge Jason Sengheiser of St. Louis Circuit on Friday dismissed the murder case against a man named Brandon Campbell because no one from the city was there to present a case against him. In addition, prosecutors dismissed the defense finding.

Campbell’s attorneys asked the court to dismiss the case a month ago for “intentional violation of the rules of discovery.”

Sengheiser gave them that offer on Friday, and he had harsh words for Gardner.

“The court did not take this action without substantial consideration of the impacts it could have on public safety. Although presumed innocent, the defendant was charged with the most serious of crimes,” Sengheiser said.

“In a case like this, where the Circuit Attorney’s Office has essentially abandoned its mandate to prosecute those it accuses, the courts must objectively enforce the law and any threats that lead to Public safety is the responsibility of the Circuit Attorney’s Office,” the judge said.


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Campbell is said to have murdered a man named Randy Moore in the middle of St. Louis last April.

Moore’s sister, a woman named Brandy Veasley, criticized Gardner in a statement to KDSK.

“Kim Gardner is a bad defense for a prosecutor,” she said. “It’s not fair… I know she’s trying to give Negroes a chance, but for a murder? No no.”

Campbell’s arrest warrant has been reissued.

Gardner, who Judge Washington Funded in 2016 by billionaire leftist political activist George Soros, released a statement Friday about Campbell’s release from prison.

“Rest assured that as Attorney for the City of St. Louis, I am accountable to the public for the actions of this office and am committed to maintaining the highest possible standards and practices for accountability at all levels of this office, especially public safety of the residents of the City of St. Louis,” she said. “As a result, the individual in this case is (sic) guardianship.”

Gardner had to clarify to KDSK that Campbell was still big. Gardner’s office intends to arrest the person because killing, once he was arrested.

https://www.westernjournal.com/st-louis-prosecutor-pursued-mccloskeys-refused-show-murder-hearing-gets-savaged-judge-abandoned-duty-city-law/ | ‘Abandoned’ Duty to Both City and the Law

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