A Twitter Bot is broadcasting through DOOM at one frame per hour

A Twitter bot is working hard to play Ultimate DOOM in its entirety, at one frame per hour.

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Twitter is primarily intended to be a social media communication tool, but users have come up with many creative ways to turn it into a way to enjoy the game. While most are simply happy to share content about their favorite titles, some users have devised ways to watch or Play the game directly through Twitter.

One such example recently surfaced on a Twitter account that was broadcasting through Death. Specifically, this Twitter account is trying to show users what Ultimate is all about Death must deliver, but it will take a long time to complete it.


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Game and Twitter fans may have heard of Pokemon Twitter crowd play mechanics that allow players to enjoy the title with a group of like-minded Twitter users. Since Twitter isn’t meant for live streams, these accounts typically handle accepting input and then sending data to the game in question, while the accounts themselves update themselves with fresh images of what’s going on. displayed on the screen after a few seconds have passed.

In the steps, the Doomscroll Doom Bot, brought to life by Steve Nass and Owen Weeks. Instead of asking for player input, the bot is displaying a permanent record of the game, updating at one frame per hour, non-stop. It actually plays the recording in reverse, so that once the whole process is complete, the viewer can simply scroll down the page to see the playback in the same manner as an old flip book.

However, the feat will not be completed anytime soon. The record that Nass and Weeks selected is 4 hours and 31 minutes, or 15,700 frames. The bot is said to need ‘a few years’ to mature. If the bot can run continuously without interruptions, such as power outages or random network outages on Twitter, it will take about 655 days to complete the job.

This is not the first time Death appeared as an experimental game on Twitter. At the end of 2021, another user created an account that allows the user control Death by sending text commands Into account. These commands are then entered into the game, a short video is recorded and sent back so the user(s) can see what they have accomplished. It’s definitely not a very effective way to play Death, but it’s still interesting.

Despite its release many years ago, the game continues to challenge players, even if they are primarily focused on finding novel equipment to play Death above. It seems imagination is the only limit for diehard fans of Death.

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The source: PCGamesN

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