A Super Mario Platformer starring princesses would be a big change of pace

The Super Mario series has no shortage of backstory, but it lacks a real platform to bring the franchise’s princesses together.

Princess Peach smiles for the camera in Super Smash Bros.

General, Super Mario Franchisees like to stick with tradition. Much Super Mario The game uses the same enemies, powers, and playable characters that have defined the franchise since its inception. They also have a long tradition of framing female characters like Princess Peach as women in distress. In recent years, that pattern has changed somewhat. Titles like Super Mario World 3D Not only did they introduce a ton of new concepts and mechanics, they gave Peach a bigger role in the franchise.

While the steady focus shift is good for Super Mario All in all, it would also be a breath of fresh air if there were to be a game that focused solely on the women, who have been mostly supporting Mario and Luigi for many years. NS Super Mario The world has no shortage of glamorous female stars who deserve a day in the sun. The game could honor Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina’s contributions as princesses, while Pauline could complete the cast following her role as mayor of New Donk City in Super Mario Odyssey.


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Case for super princess game

mario golf super rush princess daisy and peach run

Probably the most important reason Nintendo should give Super Mario The game features the princesses as they are unfortunately not used in the main series so far. The appearance of Peach, Daisy, and Pauline is primarily defined as them being in danger, rather than having an active role in the story. When Rosalina is quite an active character in Super Mario Galaxy, She was sitting in the back seat. Most of these characters are only playable in Mario– party games, if any. Considering how different their personalities are from Mario and Luigi, they might bring a whole different energy to the next one. Mario guide.

A game about princesses will also encourage Nintendo to innovate Super Mario how to play. While the game can reuse classic items like Super Mushrooms, a game about princesses will also encourage power-ups specific to those characters. Perhaps Nintendo could introduce a bunch of crown-based powers to give the princesses new abilities, a sort of spiritual successor to Toadette’s Super Crown. Even if Nintendo just reuses old Super Mario items, will at least have to come up with some creative new designs for Daisy and Pauline, who don’t normally get their hands on items like Fire Flowers.

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New chapter of the game Mario

Princess Peach's crown is worth more than my entire house.

If princesses are the center of a Super Mario game, it will definitely have a non-traditional storyline. For example, Bowser captures Mario and Luigi, trying a new strategy in the perpetual quest to capture Peach. In addition, Mario and Luigi may not appear in the picture for some other reason. NS Super Mario the world is silly enough Nintendo could simply say that Mario and Luigi were on vacation and could not be contacted when trouble came to the Mushroom Kingdom. One of these episodes is Princess Peach’s best chance to rally her friends together and solve their own problems.

Nintendo definitely gave Super Mario game family in some recent creative directions. Bowser’s Fury served as A valuable new look at Bowser Jr. in the Switch version of Super Mario 3D World, and Super Mario Odyssey introduced great platform mechanics as well as a new interface to Peach’s agent. If Nintendo wants to continue to explore new directions for Super Mario game, a title of “Super Princesses” seems like an obvious candidate. It’s time for Peach, Daisy, Rosalina and Pauline to become their own heroes.

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