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The One-Handed skill in Skyrim is the more popular of the two martial arts skills, as it adds additional support for spells, shields, or other useful items.

One-handed Skyrim Tips and Tricks

One-handed skill in Skyrim is the most versatile Melee Skill as it allows the player to deal melee damage with one hand and leaves plenty of options for the player. Focus on one hand Skyrim opens the door to building structures like the Battlemage, who uses magic with his bare hands, or a Duel-Wield maniac who attacks with both hands at once.

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Regardless of which direction you choose to go, One Handed is a great skill for any melee-oriented character to level up. However, getting the most out of this Skill Tree and its Perks isn’t as simple as hitting Draugr until they fall – One-Handed Skills can be more powerful than many realize if given proper attention.


Skyrim’s Best One-Handed Weapon

Featured - Skyrim's Best One-Handed Weapon

The best one-handed weapons in Skyrim tend to be skills that complement other Skills the player has taken. For example, while a good melee fighter Regarding the Nightingale Blade’s Stamina and Charm, a Battlemage might prefer something that can Trap their enemies’ souls like the Molag Bal Mace.

  • Molag Bal’s Mace: Trap souls when hit. Earned by completing “House of Terror” in Markarth.
  • Nightingale Blade: Absorbs 25 health and stamina on hit. Earned during the Thieves Guild quest.
  • Bloodscythe and Soulrender: When paired, absorbs 15 Health and reduces Armor on hit. Earned by completing “Deathbrand” in Solstheim.
  • Wind shear: High chance to stab opponent with Bash or when holding in main hand. Found on The Karaiah, during the last Dark Brotherhood quest.

Mace of Molag Bal is best for Battlemage players, Bloodscythe and Soulrender are powerful dual Wield-oriented swords, and both Nightingale Blade and Windshear are strong choices for Traditional Sword-and-Shield gameplay.

Standing Stones and Charms

Thief Stone Skyrim Standing Stones

For most of the gameplay branching across multiple Skill Trees, Lover’s Stone reigns supreme as it increases XP gain by 15% for everything. Warrior Stone is a good choice for One-handed specifically, but players also find use in Lady and Atronach stone.

  • For melee players, Warrior Increases XP received for all martial arts skills by 20% and Lady 25% increase in health and healing.
  • For Magicka players, Atronach allows Spell Absorption and Max Magicka at the cost of Magicka Recovery, useful when Warriors use a few spells in combat

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When it comes Fascinating there are some very powerful options every player should learn. Strengthen one hand is an obvious one, but Health Absorption / Stamina / Magicka and Physical/Magical resistance also tends to be useful. The best enchantment for a hand weapon is Paralyze, granted for multiple uses if set to 1 Second.

One-handed skills and perks

Skyrim Skill - One Hand

The best one-handed perks in Skyrim, like the standing stones, depends a lot on the direction the player chooses their character. Melee-oriented players can take advantage of everything A Handed Perk in the Skill tree, but players who use Spells can also make good use of the Conjuration and Alteration trees. You should level up Enchanting is a very good idea, as Enchantment in the late game is almost impossible to beat.

One hand and enchanting perks

  • A hand: All ranks “Weapon”, Weapon-Specific Perks, “Battle Posture” and “Paralyzing Strike”
  • Fascinating: All “Enchanter”, “Insightful Enchanter” and “Extra Effect” ranks to apply multiple Enchantments

Summoner Spells and Changes

  • Summoner Spells: Bound Sword temporarily grants Daedric Sword by level, which is good for previous levels. Made with “Mystic Binding” Privilege.
  • Change magic: Oakflesh (and higher level versions) gives a huge Armor bonus, and Paralyze is a powerful mid-battle Expert spell. Bring “Mage Armor” and “Stability” perks.

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