A Few Cuckoos: Episode 15 Review

The following contains spoilers for Episode 15 of A Couple of Cuckoos, “We Have to Tell Our Secret,” streaming now on Crunchyroll.

The second part of A couple of cuckoos got off to a rather humble start. Considering how great the ending of the first part was, we thought the second part would start off with a bang. But no, turns out the showrunners prefer to use the same old, predictable formula.

Thankfully, however, Episode 14 turns out to be a pretty entertaining episode. While not a perfect balance, there is still a good balance between drama and comedy in this episode. It can make you giggle at the humor and gasp at the dramatic moments. Hopefully episode 15 can at least offer the same quality. Let’s see how this episode 15 review plays out A couple of cuckoos.


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Previously Here’s to a couple of cuckoos

Episode 14 of A couple of cuckoos is divided into two parts, the first two thirds of which are comedy while the rest is devoted to the dramatic aspect of the story. In the first part, Erika asks Nagi to help her study so she can pass her exam. This time she is quite desperate because her father says that if she fails she will have to leave her current house and live with her parents again. Nagi is initially reluctant to help her. But after getting an ear from Sachi and seeing how hard Erika was studying on her own, Nagi finally decided to help her.

In the second part of the story, Nagi and Sachi are asked by their parents to help sell groceries during the neighborhood festival. It’s supposed to be a good time for Nagi and Sachi, but then Hiro comes along and asks Nagi to go to the festival with her later that evening, which surely puts Sachi in a bad mood.

When asked who Sachi is, Nagi introduced her to Hiro as his little sister. Later that night, Erika comes to attend the festival. Walking around with Sachi, they stumble across Hiro and Erika immediately introduces Sachi as her little sister. Needless to say, Hiro is confused because two different people introduce Sachi as her little sister that day.

We must tell our secret

Just like Episode 14, Episode 15 is divided into two different parts, with comedy making up about 75% of the episode and the rest being drama. The story still revolves around the festival, and the first part is dedicated to Nagi enjoying the festival with Erika. Since this is Erika’s first summer party, there are lots of funny moments happening everywhere. Like back then when Erika tried to pay for the food stall with her credit card.

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In the second part, Hiro comes into play. Without further ado she asks her about Sachi. Why did Erika and Nagi say that Sachi is their little sister? Surprised by the sudden question, Erika grabs Nagi’s hand and runs away from Hiro. However, after she calms down, Nagi tells her that it would be best if they just told Hiro the truth.

A big improvement

As you can see in the previous section, Episode 15 has the same overall story structure as Episode 14. About two-thirds of the story is devoted to comedy, while the rest is full blown drama. Other than that, this episode is clearly an improved version of the last one.

The comedy hits harder while the drama is more gripping, but they still manage to keep the overall mood of the episode relatively light at the same time. Also, the transition between the two parts is much smoother than in the previous episode.

The showrunners seem to have found a new formula for this series, and they’re experimenting with how best to improve it. And that’s great news. Because this new format is much more fun than switching between full-blown comedy and full-blown drama like in the first part of the series.

A new chapter in Nagi & Hiro’s relationship

One of the biggest contenders for the harem queen, Hiro Segawa, finally discovers the truth about Nagi and Erika’s relationship. So there is no more secret between the three. And this marks a new chapter in the relationship between the main characters, namely Nagi, Erika and Hiro.

While Hiro seems to be taking the news like a champ, it’s clear she’s still very competitive. And that opens many doors for a new and exciting development between the three.

Perhaps Erika and Hiro can be honest with each other about what Nagi means to them and start an open competition between the two. Or maybe they compete for Nagi’s attention in their own way, which opens up a lot of opportunities for different comedic situations. The story can go in so many ways.

Episode 15 represents a new and improved format for the story. The showrunners seem comfortable with this kind of blending of comedy and drama. Eventually, this structure allowed them to show hilarious moments while delivering the drama needed to move the story along. Will they stick with this format or use a radically different one for the next episode? Only time will tell, but either way, the hype surrounding the next installment is certainly high.

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