A few changes will make Borderlands 3’s Calypso twins the great villains

Borderlands 3 features a number of new characters, many of which have been heavily criticized by the fan base. While Wainwright Jakobs is seen as a great addition, both Ava and Lorelai are heavily criticized for being annoying – with the former being seen as unappealing and the latter’s obsession with coffee taking up too much of her dialogue. The Calypso twins are not immune to these criticisms either.

While the main antagonists of Borderlands 3 are not nearly as despised by the community as Ava, many feel that they are a big step up from Handsome Jack. While some issues with the characters are subjective, such as Tyreen’s dislike of imitating live streamers, other issues such as their hasty demise are more widely concurred. In theory, The Calypso Twins should be great villains, and a few changes to their story would make them much more memorable.


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Borderlands 3 Calypso Twins Fixed


The biggest example of The Calypso Twins’ Deficiencies was seen with Troy, as the decision not to have him properly present to Tyreen was a strange one. Throughout the game, a large focus is placed on the confrontations between characters, with Tyreen repeatedly making Troy play second to himself. As Troy gains power, however, he starts talking to Tyreen again, and there’s at some point where it looks like the two are set to fight each other.

However, this turning point never came, even when Tyreen shouted that her brother was killing her when he used her powers and opened The Great Vault. This would be the perfect time for Troy to become the main villain, either intentionally killing his sister for always knocking him down or doing it by accident while fighting Vault Hunters. Instead, this never happened, as all the fights between The Calypso Twins really never worked out. This is a real shame, like Troy Calypso has all the momentum he needs to break out of his sister’s shadow and become the leader of COV.

Aside from the wasted omens related to Troy’s rise to power, the death of The Calypso Twins is extremely lackluster. Troy dies after a fight with his master, with Tyreen and the Vault Hunters quickly moving on as he disappears. As for Tyreen, she becomes a chaff of her own when trying to destroy the Terminator, which is a boring journey for the character. Given that she stole Lilith’s powers and was responsible for Typhon DeLeon’s death seconds before her fight with her boss, the lack of an ending or an emotional battle would feel odd . This is far from Borderlands’s 2the last battle of Handsome Jack, where the player must fight villains one by one before joining The Warrior. A similar clash with Tyreen, where she exchanged dialogue with Vault Hunters and used her stolen Siren powers, should have happened before she merged with the Terminator.

Calypso Twins indeed has an interesting and emotional storyline, but this is only revealed towards the end of the game when the player goes to Nekrotafeyo. This is a big deal, as it’s too late for fans to form any moment to stick with the villains. Troy is dead at this point, and a boss battle with Tyreen is about to take place. If players had understood what made The Calypso Twins famous sooner, they might have understood their motives and cared more when Troy died. Instead, The Calypso Twins look like One-Way Psychos for nearly the entire run of the story.

Offering teasers of Troy vs. Tyreen, giving the villains a more memorable death, and introducing their story before that would go a long way to improving their story. On top of that, simply turning The Calypsos into more capable villains makes all the difference. Troy accidentally kills someone Maya unable to make him dignified, instead the player is just angry that Maya died for nothing. However, if Troy intentionally kills Maya, the player will immediately have a reason to hate him – meaning her death was on purpose. Troy is supposed to be scarier than ever, making him even more confident in turning on Tyreen. All the elements needed to make The Calypso Twins standout villains are present, but sadly, they don’t come together in the right way.

Borderlands 3 currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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