A Evil Scarlet Witch Is Marvel’s Latest Reality Warrior

Following in the footsteps of Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel villain Ripley Ryan/Star changed the structure of New York City and its citizens forever.

Warning: Major spoilers for Marvel’s Annual Amazing Spider-Man #21!

The Captain Marvel villain Star took the reins from the experienced wizard Wanda Maximoff aka red witch to become Marvel Comics‘reality warrior villain.

Introduced in 2019 Captain Marvel Re-Entry events, social rejection Ripley Ryan begins as a tortured soul thrust into the role of a super criminal. Before achieving a steady career as a reporter for Ms. Magazine, Ripley suffered from childhood bullying at the hands of both her abusive mother and her classmates. . After a brazen rescue from Carol Danvers, Ripley is genetically enhanced by one of Carol’s oldest enemies, the Kree scientist Doctor Minerva. Immediately after her enhancements, the newly baptized Star comes into contact with the Reality Stone, one of the six infinity stones. Writer Karla Pacheco (Spider-Woman) and artist Eleonora Carlini (Marvel’s Women)’S Annual Amazing Spider-Man #2 finds the villain powered by the Infinity Stone, which causes her reality warping, on New York City’s superhero epicenter and its wall-crawling guardian.

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Taking a break from superheroes, Peter Parker encounters the result of breaking Star’s power. Using her reality-transforming abilities to retrieve a series of fangs, Star quickly leveled up from jewelry robbery to unbridled revenge against her former High School tormentors. After brutally killing a former bully and attempting to harm another, Star attracts Spider-Man’s attention. When Extremely agile, Spider-Man faces difficulty fighting Star’s tendency to resize, duplicate his web, and modify surrounding areas to her advantage. In the end, Ripley’s faltering set of powers and her humanity-driven pleas allowed Spider-Man to gain the edge of victory, before succumbing to his own ambitions.

The House of the Star M Homage

As Star continues her augmented reality crime investigation, Peter Parker’s initial investigation into the crimes quickly rules out the Scarlet Witch and other powerful Marvel creatures, from the satanic-like character. Mephisto to the ancient cosmic entity The Beyonder is likely the culprit. Having suffered a mental breakdown due to years of mental trauma, The infamous Scarlet Witch shows it to its fullest about her reality-changing potential for the superhero community in 2005 Avengers / X Men intersection US House from Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man) and artist Olivier Coipel (God of thunder). Wanda’s infamous “No More Mutants” act has rendered a large number of the mutant population on Earth helpless. In a nod to Scarlet Witch’s defining moment, Amazing Spider-Man every year #2 includes an homage to the iconic page down to its dashboard frame, only replacing mutants with nasty copays.

Wanda may have started his career as a valued member of the X-Men rivaling Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and even annihilated some members. of The Avengers in her rage, but she reformed and returned to fight alongside her comrades. While Wanda’s mutant nature and mental stability have recently been called into question, the hero is still a good force. Star himself shows good potential in the final part of his battle against Spider-Man but quickly reverts to his old toxic ways. If Star is anything like red witch In her darkest moments, there may be a redemptive spin in Ripley’s future.

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