A deleted Halo mid-halo infinite credit quote has been discovered

A Halo fan discovered a removed cinematic cut-scene to play during the middle of the Halo Infinite campaign credits.


Despite the multiplayer mode that is causing fans to explode with microtransactions, ‘s campaign Halo Infinite had some better initial reception. Give up The next plot is set in Halo 5: Guardian, By Infinite the campaign seeks to complete the soft reboot Halo franchise, going entirely in its own direction and sharing the story of shattered factions, all fighting for control of a Halo ring, a simple initial setup.

From an open world map departing from the usual linear piece quests of Halo previous games, including a grappling hook, Halo Infinite gave its campaign unique elements compared to previous titles, although some new additions have failed to merge Halo fan base in support Halo Infinite campaign. There have been some parts of the campaign that can be fixed, such as adding options to replay missions and bringing in dual combat so Master Chief can easily shoot down hundreds of aliens. needed to capture Zeta Halo.


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Besides the good and the bad, there are forgotten elements of Halo Infinite. ‘s campaign Halo Infinite there’s a lot of detail, with little nods and references scattered throughout the open-world environment, such as an easter egg mentioning the infamous issue”Craig the Brute“The meme that appeared as a result of the disappointing graphics in the first level revealed to Infinite. However, besides this detail, a few things have been left out, such as the cutscenes between the credits that have only just been released.

Brought to the attention of fans by YouTuber Gamecheat13, the clip is only about 30 seconds long, and unlike the mid-credits scenes of Marvel movies, it doesn’t completely confirm or deny anything. Unfortunately, Master Chief was not asked by Nick Fury to join the Avengers, but there is one detail that has caused a lot of speculation in the world. Halo fan. The pilot took Master Chief to examine something he noticed shortly after waking up, only to hear the following sound: “UNSC tag detected. The person you specified.”

Many fans have theories about the meaning of this short line. Some believe it is a reference to the co-op aspect of Halo Infinite’s campaign, while others suggested it had something to do with the live service’s single-player content Infinite. Among these main theories are several others, such as a fan believing the mid-credits scene shows the return of Arbiter, who has been missing since Infinite next to a small easter egg. Whatever this scene means, only time will tell, as it was removed from the game for unknown reasons, with nothing to say about what might happen to the game.

Halo Infinite available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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