A complete guide to Chapter 2 of Stray

After a pretty nasty fall at the end of the first chapter of the game, Stray Players find themselves deep underground near the entrance to the Dead City. As the name suggests, the former inhabitants of this town are no longer alive, but that doesn’t mean that this dark and dingy place is completely lifeless.

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On their way through the run-down city, players will encounter the game’s main antagonists, the Zurks. These mysterious creatures can quickly eat through a cat’s nine lives, so players will need to stay on their toes to complete Chapter 2 of Stray and escape the Dead City unscathed.


How to complete Chapter 2 of Stray

When the chapter first starts, the playable kitten moves a bit cautiously after falling. In fact, it will collapse after just a few steps, leading to a cutscene of a nearby door being seen opening. Shortly after, the playable cat will get back on its feet, this time able to walk from its injuries after a moment or two.

After recovery, players should go through the gap in the newly opened door and jump over the fence in front of them. You’ll encounter a dead robot and some mysterious creatures here, but the latter doesn’t seem to have any interest in the cat for now, instead deciding to flee so players can move on. When they reach the floating barrels directly in front of them, they should jump across and then head to the right side of the screen.

Passing through a gap in a metal fence and hopping through a hole in the wall, players find themselves in a wide, open space with some pipes leading up. However, instead of immediately climbing them, players should grab the metal bucket from the back right corner of the room by pressing the triangle button. You can then take this to the top area and press Triangle again to drop the bucket into a giant spinning fan, allowing them to safely pass through.

The next area contains a bunch of paint cans and some scaffolding. Players should look for the row of four paint cans to their left and use Triangle to push the middle two off the ledge. This allows them to jump onto an old air conditioner. From there they should jump to the yellow air conditioner on their right and then up to the area above where they will find another paint can and a large splatter of blue paint.

By pressing the triangle multiple times, players can slide this can of paint off the ledge. This will shatter the glass window beneath the ledge, allowing players to jump into the building below. While here, players should make sure to scratch one of the two rugs in the room they land in, as this will be needed for those hoping to unlock the Territory trophy Stray.

Exiting this apartment leads players to a metal bucket attached to a piece of rope that they can jump into by pressing the X button. This will take you to the area below, where you’ll encounter more of those strange creatures from before. A little further ahead they will also find a dying robot, but should ignore this and instead jump onto the nearby roof with the neon sign. A little further ahead they come to a cutscene and the first chase section of the game.

Avoiding zurks can be a little tricky, especially when players are first starting out. It should go without saying, but you’ll want to constantly run during the chasing sections, which means holding down the R2 button for those playing on PlayStation. Zigzagging a bit also helps, as Zurks have a habit of jumping randomly on players and sucking their life out. When this happens, players must press the Circle button to shake them off.

After about a minute of running, players will come to a stairway leading down, followed by a stairway leading up. After scaling the latter, they can jump over a gap and into an open window, which ends the hunt for now. After a small scratch, players should move on, climb the nearby stairs and then follow the neon signs, hopping over the rooftops and air conditioners.

Eventually, players come to a wooden beam that they have to knock over by pressing the triangle button. You then need to go through the window with the blue glowing light behind it and follow the path ahead to an area with an empty metal barrel. By climbing into this barrel and going to the right, players can use it to get onto a metal awning on their right, from which they can continue to follow the neon signs.

The next section is fairly linear, with a few metal beams to cross and another wooden plank or two to push down. One of these boards will break at the end, causing the kitten to fall to a lower level of scaffolding. However, if they continue to follow the path in front of them, players will eventually end up in a room with a spinning fan on the opposite wall.

Once they’ve done that, they need to look for an outlet with a power cell inside in the far left corner of the room. Once they find it, they should press Triangle to remove the power cell and stop the fan. This allows them to safely pass through the shaft and dive head first Stray‘s third chapter, The Flat.

Side content in Chapter 2 of Stray

  • Trophy “Territory” (2/12): Scratch one of the two carpets in the room that you get by breaking the glass window with the blue paint can.
  • Can’t Catch Me Trophy: Complete the Zurk Pursuit in Chapter 2 without getting caught. If a Zurk manages to latch on to a player, they can reload the checkpoint and try again.

Stray is now available for PS4, PS5 and PC.

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