A Collection Of The Flora Of Middle-earth And How It Supports Friendship

NS Lord of the Rings JRR Tolkien’s Trilogy features a variety of creatures, each with their own unique characteristics and sounds, and many of them are essential in helping the Fellowship achieve its quest to destroy the One Ring. Yes Bill The Pony, who helps the companions During their journey from Rivendell, the Eagles, who carried Frodo and Sam from Mount Doom to safety, and of course, Shadowfax, who helped Gandalf lead the defense against the siege at Helm’s Deep, had to name a few. But there is also an extensive list of plants in the triad that are equally important in the success of the fellowship.


Tolkien fans know that Tolkien himself is a lover of nature and the outdoors. He loved the English Countryside, with its wide variety of flowers and trees, and he combined his interest in Botany throughout his extensive works. The most obvious example is of course that of Ant-Man, the shepherds who guard the forest the trees in the forest of Fangorn, and who helped bring down the tower of Isengard. But beyond this, there are many important plants that help care for the sick and needy, as well as some that have a very specific purpose and are significant in the overarching message of the story.

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A good example of one of these powerful flowers is that of Athelas. The name of this unusual herb comes from the Sindarian Elvish words ‘athaya’ meaning ‘beneficial’ and ‘lass’ meaning ‘leaf’, and it was originally brought to Middle-earth by the Numenorians. Its exceptional healing properties were used mainly by Elves, and over the years forgotten by both Humans and Hobbits. When Frodo is stabbed on Weathertop, Aragorn says Samwise’s name, and his reaction is ‘Kingsfoil? It’s a weed’. However, this ‘weed’ is one of the most powerful medicines in Middle-earth and is used to cure diseases. Eowyn and Faramir in the Healing House, both have been poisoned and are on the verge of death. Due to his history as a Dunedain ranger and a descendant of the line of Gondor rulers, Aragorn had knowledge of how to use plants to restore their health, thereby saving their friends and strengthening the kingdom. its rights.

gondor tree

Another important flower in the trilogy that helps Aragorn return to his rightful place as king is the flower that blooms on the tree of Gondor. The famous white tree, located in the center of Minas Tirith, represented in the Peter Jackson movies becomes withered and dies according to the laws of Gondor falls under the sights of Denethor the Steward. The tree, said to be similar to a laurel tree, with dark leaves above and silver below, began to bloom again as Aragorn approached, proving beyond the donut that he was heir of Isildur, one of the founders of Gondor On whom does Argonath depend?. It’s worth noting that Tolkien was also an avid researcher of Norse Mythology, so it stands to reason that the Tree of Gondor also bears many similarities to Yggdrasil, the tree of life linking the nine realms.

Contrasting the life and healing properties of the first two flowers, the third example of this flora is a plant expressed in times of mourning and sadness. Most notably, Simbelmyne grows over tombs outside Edoras, the great hall of Rohan, where all kings are buried. It featured prominently in the scene of Theodred’s burial, as he was laid to rest among his predecessors, and King Theoden held one of these flowers up to Gandalf after the funeral was over. Gandalf said that it would help the young prince’s soul find its way to peace and prosperity among the souls of his loved ones, but this did not comfort Rohan or ease his sense of loss.

Other notable plants in the trilogy include Old Toby, the finest tamarind in the South Farthing, which is the herb the Hobbit likes to smoke, and Mallorn leaves from Lothlorien. In the introduction ‘Regarding the Hobbits’, we learned that there are different types of hobbits, but all of them share a love of growing things and a particular preference for the leaves to create rings of smoke when blown out of the pipe. In a humorous scene, Merry and Pippin each smoke almost a full barrel, which they found in Isengard. Merry later wrote a book on different varieties of seaweed titled ‘Herblore of the shire’. The Mallorn leaves have a much purer purpose, as they fall from the white canopies of the Lothlorien montane forests, and are used to hold Lembas bread, the elves’ secret food this kept their fellowship nourished during their long journey to Mordor and the surrounding lands, fresh and edible.

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