A beginner’s tip for Arena’s elimination mode

Elimination or Slayer is the heart and soul of competitive sandbox experience. Although it seems to be the simplest type of game to play, there are many strategies that players will need to combine in order to be successful.

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With all the new modes, features and items in Halo Infinite, there’s a lot for new players to learn. Winning the game Team Slayer requires a calculated approach, especially in the ranked arena. This list will include some tips for those looking to get an edge over the competition. Skilled teams can be defeated by mere tactics.

Gain powerful weapons

Halo Infinite Sniper

On each 4v4 map, there are a powerful weapon evenly spaced from each spawn. Teams will want to throw grenades into the area where opposing players will push and get specific map’s power weapon. If used properly, weapons of power can kill three or four people easily. Lose the race, and the opposing team will soon take the lead.

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Finding out what power weapons are on each map and how to use that power weapon will be important at higher ranks. For example, Sword and Hammer are only effective at close range. Keep your distance and kill the Spartan who is using it to turn the tide.


Use other weapons on the map

improvements to overcome the battle of infinite aura

Halo Infinite Features, characteristics A variety of new weapons, each has their own advantages. Enemy players will be caught off guard when fighting someone who doesn’t have a BR, AR, or pistol. While the new pistol is confusing to some fans, it is a two-shot pistol at close range. The same, similar, Shock Rifle is a real hit in the head. Experiment with these new weapons will bring advantages to gamers while most players do not know how to use them.

Stay with teammates

Halo Infinite 4v4 (1)

Even a less skilled teammate provides another target for opposing players to shoot at. Competitive game in Halo Always reward teamwork rather than individual skill. Those who try to fight the entire enemy team on their own will die every time they engage. Creating deviant scenarios is the secret to Dominate in Slayer-based modes. Players should try to invite a few others to play with them while queuing to ensure they have a coordinated attack. Those who have to line up solo or double will need looking for their teammates to make a fire enemy.

Don’t forget about Power-Up

aura-infinite-multiplayer (1)

Overshield and Active Camo are extremely good in Slayer. Overshields give power players at least one free kill when used properly. Camo works in Infinite broken like any Halo game. Only those with X-ray vision can spot players with camouflage positive. Gamers should use camo to sneak in to easily stick or assassinate.

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People will want to be patient and pick the right timing to attack so they can maximize the number of lives they get with these buffs. Another clever tactic is to deal damage before equipping the Overshield. This will knock your opponent up and force them to swap weapons in the middle of a fight.

Use sprint to slide far

aura-infinite-soldier (1)

It is inevitable that players will be at a disadvantage in certain gunfights. When the enemy has the first shots, Use sprints to find cover and escape enemy fire. When the spartan shield drops, find a safe place to hide and wait for them to respawn. Fighting with less than 100% shield is a surefire way to lose in 1v1 teamfights. Abuse of movement mechanism and dancing around the cover will allow people to stay in the war longer and survive certain death.

Use grenades all the time

Halo Infinite Pits Rated Playlist Keyboard and controller players go head-to-head

It is important for the player to use the original grenade before being killed, even in a hopeless case. At the very least, a grenade before dying will weaken enemy spartans and help teammates kill quickly. At the start of a match, grenades should be used to prevent opposing players from moving away from powerful weapons. Just a threatening grenade will force the opposition to back down. All in all, grenades play a huge role in the competitive arena.

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With just one precision grenade, the enemy will be shot dead or a melee battle. Grenades should be used early and often in Slayer mode. One final tactic that beginners should learn is how to fire or stop grenades when the enemy is pushing. Bite the grenade off the wall to reach hidden areas and throw the grenade directly down to stop it and weaken aggressive enemies.

Halo Infinite releases on December 8 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. Halo InfiniteThe multiplayer beta is currently available on these platforms and is free to play.

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