A Beginner’s Guide to Rust

The first few hours of the cleaning process Rust The island is the most dangerous. The spawning beach was densely populated with players who had just joined the server, and chaos ensued. Those with the starter will have a spear, but most people will hit it with a stone.

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Instead of dealing with the frenzy that is the spawning area, gamers will want to move out to one of several strategic locations. Just like real-life survival, gathering the essentials will ensure players get started quickly as they learn how to play. Rust.

Choose a server

An image from Rust shows a player in a radioactive suit punching in the air in a field.

Choosing the right server will have a huge impact on user experience. The best server for a particular person will depend on how they want to play the game. The PVP server is the busiest but also the most fun. Some people prefer the RP/PVE experience, meeting other users and building complex structures.


Before choosing a server, it can be beneficial for Play on an empty server or a test server to get a feel for the game. After deciding on the type of server to play on, choosing a densely populated server is almost always the recommended way to play. More players means more action and interaction on the island. Beginners should look around as there are loads of options to choose from.

First steps

Rusty console beta player standing in front of the water tower

All maps above Rust randomly generated. That means it will look different on every delete/server. However, the sights or “relics” remain the same no matter what the actual layout of the map looks like.

After spawning, everyone will want to plan their next move. Clearly, going away from spawn point is a good idea. One of the the best areas to establish a day shelter at a fishing camp. There are several of these on the island and all of them have the necessary resources for survival. Once the intended destination is marked, drag it high in the direction of the camp on the map.

Collect the essentials

Rust Hempopia

Wipe early essential resources in Rust to be Stone, Wood and Hemp. These three items will allow players to craft weapons, clothing, and shelters relatively quickly. While moving to the fishing camp, people can gather enough of these materials to create a small 2X2 shelter for the night.

New players will want to move quickly and find a small shelter before nightfall. Hemp is important because it is the main ingredient needed to make a sleeping bag. When a player dies, they revived at the location of the last sleeping bag they made. Additionally, Hemp can be used to craft early game skins.

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  • Wood: Anywhere on the island. Use a stone to knock down trees and collect Logs.
  • Pebbles: Clusters of shining rocks, often near mountains and larger rocks. Use a simple stone or Stone Ax to mine.
  • Hemp: Small green plant that looks exactly like its real-life cousin.


Finally, the player will need to get some food to survive. Characters have 60/100 base health when they appear in the map. Bringing that number up to 100 will help everyone survive the many perils on the map. The easiest place to find food is on the riverbank. There will be plenty of pumpkins and mushrooms available for you to pick and eat. Later in the mop, players will have weapons that they can use to hunt animals. Animal meat restores health more than plants.

Crafting a weapon

The player has a gunfight with armor and guns.

Only with 100 stone and 200 wood, Rust Users can craft a simple stone ax. This will probably be the first weapon people make as it can also be used to cut down trees faster.

The next step would be to craft the simplest ranged weapon in the game, Hunting bow. The only materials needed are Wood and Fabric. Lychee can be harvested from the hemp plant, but it is also a by-product of animals in Rust. The Hunting Bow is silent and can take down opponents in PVP situations. However, survivors are much safer if they have a weapon that fires bullets.

Crafting a gun

The most basic gun in Rust is the Eoka pistol. To craft it, survivors will need to gather a new resource, Piece of metal. In the fishing village, there will be a lot of metal items, including oil tanks that can be destroyed “waste” and turned into scrap metal.

To make Metal Shards, one will need a recycler. This Recyclers are at the Robber Camp and Outpost, as well as many other points of interest on the map. Both the Robber Camp and the Outpost are neutral areas where PVP cannot take place. For that reason, these locations are good places to build bases up close.

Monument and radiation

Rust monument

The community has ranked attractions on the island as monuments. Each monument offers items to loot, with larger relics containing the most valuable resources. These monuments also attract the most players and have the highest radiation level. However, small monuments, like fishing camps, have no radiation at all. That’s another reason why fishing camps or gas stations are great beginner areas to set up camp nearby. Small monuments have primary resources, less traffic, and no radiation.

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To deal with extreme radiation, as well as cold weather on the map, everyone will need to sew clothes. A simple fabric outfit handcrafted from hemp materials is a good start. When beginners feel comfortable and start hunting, they can craft armor out of leather. Leather armor provides more protection against attacks and radiation. Metal armor is the ideal protection from gunfire, while the Radiation Suit will help the user to survive near monuments.

Build a base

Rust base

Day 1 bases should not be more than 2X2, simple enough to build. To start building, newcomers need 20 Wood for a building plan and 100 Wood for a hammer. From there, if the bunker has a floor, four walls, and a roof, it’s enough. Stone is the most commonly used material as it is much easier to obtain than high quality metal and it takes a lot of damage to destroy a Stone wall.

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Without going into too much detail, suitable facilities with metal doors with locks and multiple layers of protection. Simply put, fortified bases are difficult to penetrate and there are secret areas to store valuable loot. One thing newcomers will want is a wind lock. Our test Rust construction instructions for more information on the building and the aerial pegs.

Wipe in rust

Screenshot from Rust showing a player holding a crossbow as another player jumps onto a roof.

For those new to survival games, the removal is essentially a server reset. On the last Thursday of every month, Rust reset its server and all progress will be deleted. Wipes keeps the game fresh by bringing the community on a level playing field every month. Those who finished poorly can learn from their mistakes and have a better experience the next month.

It is very important to start playing in the first few days of the delete process. In just a few days, skilled survivors will have good guns and a well-built base in place. Eoka pistols are not suitable for military grade weapons.

Then during the delete process, Rust the user starts looking for PVP and raiding other bases. This is because successful teams have built enough weapons to take down an entire Rock base. The game becomes less about survival and more about conquering the whole island. Being the top clan on the map is an unofficial but often sought-after title. For these advanced players, beginners in 2X2s will stand no chance at all. Getting started quickly and being able to team up with others gives the new survivors the best chance of wiping out.


Base infiltration is an expensive and time consuming process. Breaking locked doors and Rock walls takes a lot of firepower. New riders will want to get their hands on it C4, actually not too difficult to make. Even so, it will take several C4s to crack open a base. Rocket launch is a top choice for dealing with splash damage and destroying walls. Aiming between two walls deals splash damage to both walls at once. Our Raid Guide More information for those interested.

Rust available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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