92% of Americans say Inflation is a problem; 56% say “Building back better” would make it worse

It’s not only pupil who are falling from their eyes as they realize the dire threat posed to the continued prosperity of Bid Inflation. According to a recent Rasmussen poll, nearly the entire country views inflation as a problem. Joy Reid and “Lyin ‘Liz” Warren must be the ones who disagree. In any case, this is what Rasmussen found as it polled 1200 US voters:

Ninety-two percent (92%) of voters say inflation is a serious problem today. A national survey by Scott Rasmussen found that only 5% disagree and 3% are uncertain.

That total includes 64% of those who consider inflation Very Serious and 2% who consider it Not Very Serious.

The question that led to that result was “How serious is inflation these days? ” Critics might argue that this question is a bit of a lead, since it asks how seriously inflation matters and not whether inflation is the problem, but the results are still startling.

They are shocking because they show that it’s not just Republicans, or even just Republicans and Democrats, that are willing to acknowledge inflation as a threat. No, with 92% of those polled saying inflation is a threat, voters across the political spectrum could see that Bid Inflation is a serious problem for America.

What’s more, 64% say it’s a “very serious” threat which is even worse news for Biden as it means the outcome can’t be simply a trivial matter. If more than a large part of the voting public views the inflation posed by his policies as a very serious threat, he needs to address it quickly or it will erode his support. In the polls, it’s faster than inflation that voters worry about eating away at their savings.

And the Rasmussen poll doesn’t end there. Next it asks “The Better Rebuild Plan would increase both government spending and taxes. Will that plan increase inflation or reduce inflation? ”

The answers to that question, unlike the first question, may be somewhat dependent on the affiliated parties. While 56% overall think the massive “Build Back Better” spending package will increase inflation, 14% think the legislative plan will reduce inflation, 9% don’t think the law will have any effect. has no effect on inflation and 22% does not. guaranteed.

So Democrats might see the law in a more positive light, or at least conflict, while Republicans and Independents see it more negatively. Send How Biden is doing in the polls, that would make sense.

Also, the outcome may not be based on partisan affiliation but on knowledge of the bill and the economy. As Rasmussen notes in article about poll results:

Voters don’t care much to the congressional debate on President Biden’s proposal. Only 19% know that the infrastructure bill passed and the Build Back Better plan did not.

As a result, polling on this topic is highly dependent on how the proposed law is described. On questions about inflation, respondents indicated that it would increase both government spending and taxes. Nothing else was added to the question.

Other data show that voters generally believe that more government spending leads to higher inflation. Fifty-seven percent (57%) see Inflation as a tax on the poor. Only 23% disagree.

Based on that information, it’s very likely that the response to the Better Rebuild bill and its potential impact on inflation could be based more on knowledge of what’s gone by and how it’s spent. government influence on inflation.

Whatever the reason for the outcome, they should be extremely concerned about the Biden regime. Most Americans are worried about the inflation his policies are causing, and a near-supermajority see his Build Back Better bill as something that will make That problem got worse.

https://smartzune.com/92-of-americans-say-inflation-is-a-problem-56-say-build-back-better-will-make-it-worse/ 92% of Americans say Inflation is a problem; 56% say “Building back better” would make it worse

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