9 best golf tips for tall players

Height can give you many advantages at the golf course. Not only will you be able to perform more powerful turns, but LetsGolfBetter it also allows you to enjoy special golf clubs for tall men (which come with some great perks).

However, just because you are taller than other players doesn’t mean you can beat them easily. You will need a lot of time, patience and training for that. So, to help you hone your skills, here are a few proper golf tips.

Focus on balance

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Balance is important in every golf swing, regardless of height. That’s because it gives you greater control and gives power to your photos. So whether you are a tall player or not, you should try to keep your balance when holding your club.

One way you can improve your balance is to improve your leg stability. Just walking regularly will help you Strengthen your feet and ankles, so better do it at least 15 minutes a day. You should also consider buying good golf shoes that can provide traction and comfort as you hit the course.

Slow down your tempo

Having a slower tempo while swinging is very effective. It helps tall players with balance and it helps fighters fly the ball faster and longer. So better make it a point to fine-tune the tempo of your strokes.

Consistently doing slow-paced twists takes time, effort, and patience, so it’s best to start practicing today. Start by swinging a 7 iron or hybrid at about 75% of your normal speed. Work your way from there until you find a slow tempo that suits your style of play.

Maintain a narrow stance

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Many tall golfers think it’s okay to stand with feet apart while playing. But that is a terrible misconception! Not only will it throw you off balance, but it will also make you struggle with your turns.

So keep your feet closer together whenever it’s your turn to turn. Depending on the position of the ball, you should also consider standing parallel to it. That way, you’ll be able to hit the club’s sweet spot right.

Equipped with the right equipment

Knowing when a club is too long or too short for you is also important if you want to optimize your golfing experience. This is especially true for tall players, as playing with short gear can affect their skills.

So get the right golf gear on whenever you’re out shopping for new clubs and accessories. Yes, it will cost a bit of money on your part. But at least, you’ll be able to play with the device that best suits your needs and style. If you need help getting a golf club for tall men.

Lengthen your club shaft

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Or you can extend the shaft of the club instead (in case you already have a set). Doing this allows you to maintain a higher, more consistent stance with the ball. And it will prevent your shaft from feeling too stiff, which can affect your performance on the course.

To lengthen your shaft, simply go to your nearest golf shop and ask the curator to install a “wooden plug” on top of your shaft. By the way, you can also request this when buying new sticks, so better keep that in mind the next time you upgrade your gear. And while you’re at it, it’s a good idea to test your swing speed while stretching the shaft to avoid performance issues.

Adjust the lie angle

In addition, you should adjust the angle of the club when extending your shaft. Believe it or not, this will help you maintain your overall performance, especially since angle affects how evenly and straight you hit the ball.

To retain the club’s previous angle, you’ll need to measure it first by gluing tape to the base of the club as well as onto two wooden or plastic planks. Hit the ball with the club towards the first board and check the marks they leave on the ice.

Then, as soon as you lengthen your shaft, hit the ball again, this time towards the second plank. If the marks are still in the same position, no adjustment is necessary.

Put your back on each swing

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Other tall players also tend to let their arms do the work when swinging the golf club. Don’t follow their example. Yes, you can rely on your arms to power your shots, especially since longer limbs mean more power. But to make a swing properly, you need to work your whole body.

Focus on using all the muscles in your torso, hips, arms, and legs whenever you swing. Over time, you’ll notice your shots become more fluid and refined than those of players who only use their arms.

Stand closer to the ball

To avoid bending before turning, tall players like you must stand as close to the ball as possible at the address. That way, you won’t look too awkward and can make a shot more fluid.

While standing near the golf ball, remember to keep a comfortable, stable, and balanced posture. This allows you to enjoy a more favorable position, as well as allowing you to move faster when needed. For best results, hold the bottom of the golf club handle about four fingers away from the belt buckle.

Take note of your swing sequence

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More experienced golfers will tell you that swing sequence is important if you want to increase the power of your blows. So the last thing you should do as a tall player is reframe the way you make a swing.

Some of the tips above will come into play as you pay attention to your swing sequence. However, you need to start by standing near your ball. Then you need to try to push the hips to do a good bottom-up. Then you need to bring your back to the swing to make sure it flies in a long arc.


Unlike sports like basketball, you don’t have to be tall to play golf. However, if you are a tall individual, then you clearly have the edge of the course. Get the most out of it by following the tips listed above.

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