8 Tips How to Choose A Good Security Company in Cambodia

In today’s world of uncertainty, security is a growing concern for both building management and construction users. It is no longer enough to rely on security personnel to provide a strong physical presence of security in your building. Developing a best security solution requires the integration of highly trained security personnel with good electronic security systems. Adopting an integrated security system will ensure both accountability and intelligence, which cannot be achieved by the use of security personnel alone.

There may not be a clear service for an intelligence agency to offer a security solution, but like everything, things work out a little differently in Cambodia. In European countries, investigators of private companies usually come out of the police force, or have always been in the private sector.

In Phnom Penh as well as in the rest of Cambodia, the requirements are somewhat different, which is why agents are recruited from the military or the intelligence services, either here in Cambodia or abroad. This abundant human resource allows to offer some solutions for both human and technical security that other agencies would not normally be able to:

Security Guard Services

When you need home, hotel or business Security Guards in Phnom Penh, you can find very cheap options. These options usually include an 18-year-old Cambodian who has no training, who is angry at the suggestion that he try to stay awake during his shift.

If what you are looking for is one or more trained agents, who will inform your entire shift and who will protect. Make sure they are responsible for their safety, contact them and they will discuss your exact needs.

When there is an urgent need for action or the risk of violence, personal health problems, car accidents, political or social instability, natural disasters or friction and any other uncertainty or when intelligence needs to be gathered.

In Phnom Penh, their carefully selected, tested and tested security company is tailored to the needs, risks and operating environment of each client in which they are stationed. They can provide different levels of protection and offer nationwide safety trained drivers, bodyguards, and high or low profile protection teams.

Security Escort

If the security you need is personal, you will be assigned one or more highly trained agents who will ensure round-the-clock protection for the person or persons for whom they are responsible for protection. They ask you to be fully aware of the dangers that may be facing you, so that they can come up with a solution for your status.

Standing Guard Service

Standing guard officers are unarmed, proper uniformed and licensed individuals who are well trained to identify potential threats to your position. They can customize the security details to suit your location and needs.

Roving Guard Service

Mobile services provide you with an effective way to protect your assets without the need for a permanent security guard. They can provide marked security patrol vehicles and uniform guards to inspect your premises, ensuring that site security is successfully maintained in the absence of a home, business or hotel owner.


A firewatch includes a property, building or inventory clock based on the current fire hazard or during construction or reconstruction when life / safety equipment remains to be installed or must be inactive for a specified period.

Lobby Security Services

When guests and clients visit your company’s lobby, you want them to know that you are a professional facility that they can rely on to keep you official and safe. They can provide the resources and specific services you need to make sure your company has it. Their experienced security officers are highly trained to keep abreast of the situation around them and to respond promptly and professionally in case any action is required. They offer trained and experienced concierge and lobby security guards to small and large businesses in and around Greater Atlanta.

Construction Security Company

Construction sites can be very attractive to thugs and thieves for a different variety of reasons. Although these sites may be surrounded by long, chain-linked fences, they are sufficient to prevent default winds from entering and damaging equipment, or to prevent thieves from stealing and looting the construction site.

Bike Patrol Services

Your business is important and it is important to every security company that gives you every opportunity to keep it safe and secure. They offer you a variety of safety options to better surround your company and employees in the greater part of Phnom Penh, including security bike patrol services.

Their highly trained bodyguards are able to monitor your company and the area around the building. Their security services have many advantages over hiring bike patrol officers, including cost effectiveness, prompt emergency response.

On-Demand Security

When you hire any security company for a temporary project, they will fulfill their contract at time. They will provide you support for your short-term security needs, including:

  • l Advanced customer care
  • l Additional security and faster access to company experts
  • l Emergency response plans
  • l Understand industry policies

National or Local

Whenever you want to choose a security service, whether for business or personal needs, you have to decide on one of two types of security services that are nationally operated or locally owned.

Locally owned security companies benefit from the fact that their personnel are familiar with local people and communities. Since they are a small company, they will work even harder to make you happy. However, it is advisable to hire a nationally owned company. They can hire guards with proper training for this particular job. These companies have strict policies that employees need to follow.

Looking for a local security guard company? Make sure you hire an experienced professional security agency such as Prince Security Service. They offer complete security solutions throughout Cambodia.

Their skilled team doesn’t just provide security services for your business. They have over 100 fully trained and SIA licensed officers available 24/7 for your protection. No matter what industry you work for, laser guard security can provide a specific security solution for your needs. Contact them to learn more.

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