8 Tips for Taking Back Your Power

Sometimes, it feels like life is not fair. You feel like an outside force is controlling your life, and you are powerless to take back the reins. How you choose to see things from such a state is key. Life may not seem fair now, but you can choose to view the situation as an opportunity to learn and grow. Taking back your power is a journey of self-discovery that requires commitment and effort.

Feeling powerless? You’re not alone. Whether it’s a toxic relationship, an oppressive work environment, or just a general feeling of unease in the world, regaining your power is essential to happiness and success. But how do you do that? Here are eight tips for taking back control and getting your power back.

1.  Make Self-Care a Priority

When Covid struck, it took most of us by storm. Some of us may have lost our jobs, while others had to juggle work, family, and other responsibilities. In such a situation, it is easy to become overwhelmed or burn out. It was easy for one to feel useless, powerless, and helpless.

To take back your power, you must make self-care a priority. Take time each day to do something that fills your cup – whether it’s a relaxing bath, going for a walk in nature, or reading an uplifting book. Self-care is essential for keeping up with the stresses of life.

Make sure you take time for yourself and your mental well-being by engaging in activities that nourish your soul.

2.  Get Organized

Do you have a plan? A to-do list? A system for keeping track of tasks? Feeling overwhelmed can be paralyzing, but when you have a plan for tackling tasks as they come up, it can help put things into perspective and make life feel more manageable. Take the time to organize your space (whether physical or digital) and ensure that everything is where it needs to be so that you don’t have to waste time searching for it later. Also, if you have clutter lying around, take a day to declutter and get organized.

3.  Know Your Boundaries

People often take advantage of those who don’t set boundaries. Whether it’s in a romantic relationship, at work, or in your family life, if you don’t set boundaries and stand up for yourself, it can be easy for others to take advantage of you.

It is, therefore, essential to understand what boundaries are appropriate in different situations and with different people. Knowing your boundaries will give you the confidence to stand up for yourself if someone tries to cross them or take advantage of you in any way. Remember, it is okay to say no- and no is a complete answer. Never feel the need to keep on explaining yourself.

4.  Practice Assertiveness

When was the last time you spoke up for yourself? If you cannot remember, then you need to work on your assertiveness. Being assertive means being able to express yourself effectively without compromising your own opinions or feelings while still respecting others around you. Practicing assertiveness can help you gain respect from those around you while also helping you get what you want out of a situation without resorting to aggressive tactics.

5.  Find Your Voice

Let’s face it, sometimes life happens, and we feel powerless. We are thrown into situations that can leave us feeling voiceless and unheard. To take back your power, you must find your voice. Being able to speak up confidently is essential when trying to regain control in any area of life. It means finding the courage within yourself that allows you to express yourself authentically without fear of judgment or criticism from others—it can be empowering.

If, for instance, you enjoy taking advantage of the Ripper Casino no deposit bonus and someone else tries to make you feel ashamed of it, stand up for what you like and explain why.

6.  Take Control of Your Finances

One of the things that can make us feel powerless is not having control over our own finances. Taking back financial control can be an extremely powerful tool for taking back your power and feeling more in charge of your life.

It starts with understanding where your money is going each month, creating and following a budget, and identifying areas where you can cut spending. It also includes understanding your rights as a consumer, how to save money, and how to invest in yourself and your future.

7.  Set Goals

Setting goals gives us something tangible that we can strive towards, which can be incredibly motivating and help us stay focused on our path toward success. Don’t forget about celebrating small wins along the way; this will keep us motivated even when progress may seem slow at times.

8.  Get Professional Help

If you feel like you lack control, it may be helpful to get professional help. Professional counseling can help you gain emotional insight and clarity and provide support for dealing with whatever life throws at you.


Getting out of your little cocoon and taking back your power can be incredibly liberating; it starts with understanding yourself and creating boundaries. When we learn to stand up for ourselves, practice assertiveness and find our voice, we become empowered in all areas of life. With the above tips, you can take back your power and start living a life of confidence and self-determination.

Huynh Nguyen

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