8 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Death’s Door

Door of death is a new game of Acid Nerve, the developers behind Titan’s Souland it is published by Digital Devolver. For fans of the publisher, this game suits their uncanny sensibilities. It is toned down compared to other over-the-top releases though like My friend Pedro or even Shadow Warrior 3.

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Door of death manages to be unique without being overly complicated. It can best be described as The Legend of Zelda further Dark souls with a bit of Metroidvania magic. It received rave reviews from reviewers so it seems indie games to play now. It can be difficult to master the ropes, so be sure to keep these tips in mind as you play.

8 Not a Boss Rush game

Fight enemies in Death's Door

Acid Nerve’s final game is Titan’s Soul it’s a boss themed game. Although Door of death start with a boss, the two are not the same.

There are still plenty of bosses but otherwise it’s a core action game with light puzzle elements. This is a huge step forward for the developer and proves how much more capable they have become since then. Titan’s Soul Released in 2015.

7 Don’t worry about losing your soul

Talk to NPCs in Death's Door

As many soul-like experience, Door of death use souls as upgrade materials. Players can get souls through random enemies, items or bosses. They are used to upgrade the reaper crow in four types of changes.

The nice thing about this game is that these souls are never lost in death. While death is never an enjoyable outcome, it’s not all bad as currency is never lost. That could be one of the main reasons why players skip it soul-like game.

6 Switch between melee and mixed combos

Fight enemies in Death's Door

The crow is equipped with melee and ranged attacks. At first, the player starts with a bow and sword but new ammo and melee weapons will be discovered during the adventure. From shooting fireballs to slicing enemies in half with two daggers, there’s a surprise around every corner. Using melee has no cooldown effect, but using ranged attacks does.

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The gauge will recharge after a melee attack hits the ground. So if the gauge goes all the way down to 0, just using the melee weapon four times will recharge it. The ranged attacks are not so powerful but they will keep the player safer. Try to use up all the bullets and then hit four hits before repeating the process.

5 Enemies all have legible marks

Fight enemies in Death's Door

Door of death can be challenged at times like Dark souls series, but it’s easier to read the opponent’s movements. From bosses to normal cannon fodder, every enemy will have a pattern and stick to it.

They will very rarely change course and are sporadic. This is true even for the main bosses in the game. If the player is careful enough and pays attention to the patterns, death may not be so certain. One just needs a little patience.

4 Seeds of life and healing tips

Explore the world in the Door of Death

There are two ways to heal in Door of death. The first is to return to the central world. Going back and forth between dimensions isn’t the easiest solution to healing, especially with load times, but it’s better than using the Seed of Life unnecessarily. Throughout the game, the player will find these Seeds of Life around.

They can be used at planting stations throughout dungeons. They will heal the player only once before dying. However, they will recharge if the player dies or they return to the HQ. Their availability is limited so it’s best to save these for emergencies. Too bad there’s nothing quite like a refillable tank like in the soul-like a game.

3 What to upgrade first

central world from the Door of Death

There are four upgradeable categories in Door of death. Each level costs 400 souls at first increasing from there until they are maxed out. One focuses on melee strength and the other focuses on ballistic power, which includes magic and weapons like bows and arrows. One can increase grim reaper’s movement while the other will increase weapon use speed and their cooldowns.

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Every gamer plays action games like this in a different way. There is no right answer as all of them will eventually be useful when maxed out. The first step should be to place a point in each category to check the water area. From there, focus on the style that people think will be most helpful.

2 You can deflect most projectiles

Fight enemies in Death's Door

This was never said in Door of death completely but most projectiles can be deflected. For example, there are potted plants in the Urn Witch’s area that shoot out green orbs.

They can be deflected with the sword. The same goes for the Urn Witch herself when she summons those fireballs inside her pot. If it’s a projectile, it can be deflected 75% of the time if not more. This works similar to a number Zelda the game could be a nod to them.

first Keep a note of the areas you can’t go to

central world from the Door of Death

One big problem with the game is that there is no map. For a game that spans so many areas, it’s hard to keep track of everything. Its not so long depending. This is especially true when there are Metroidvania-like elements in Door of death such as gaining new tools or abilities to open up new paths.

Fireballs can light up vases or burn through spider webs. That is the first ability that the player will get. If something seems out of reach, record it. It’s a pretty classic way of taking notes, but it will save a lot of time. There is an NPC that will give a hint later but it’s not perfect so that’s why this advice is so important.

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