8 things the Fallout Show needs to get right

That Stand out Game series have pretty much always had the potential to be adapted into a movie or TV show. In fact, in the late 1990s, there was almost one Stand out Movie, although it probably wouldn’t have been very good judging by the official movie treatment. Eventually, however, Bethesda and Amazon are collaborating to create a full-fledged TV series based on the IP

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Not much is currently known about the show other than the cast, creative team and a few set photos. Directed and Produced by western world Creators Jonathon Nolan and Lisa Joy (producing only), the show could very well be a smash hit, especially if it plays to the strengths of IP and stays true to established lore and the nature of the universe. It would certainly be a shame if the Stand out Show should go the same way as that gloriole Show did where the creators intentionally ignored key aspects of the game series they were adapting.

8th tone & atmosphere

Stand out has always been known for having a rather gloomy environment. Of course, how could it not take place in an irradiated nuclear hellscape. That said, it’s not without moments of hilarity, or even beyond the heaviest satire. Preferably, Stand out Games strike a fine balance between dark, depressing and goofy, satirical.

For example, Fallout 3 The wasteland oozes with a sense of crushing desolation, but then there’s the Children of Atom, a religious cult that worships an undetonated atomic bomb. That is something Stand out Show would really benefit from replication.

7 Creatures, Robots & Mutants

From Radroaches to Androids to Super Mutant Behemoths, fallout The world is saturated with strange and sometimes downright grotesque creatures and scientific abominations. The show would do well to put at least some of these at the service of the larger story and world.

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It would certainly be a treat for longtime fans of the games to see the main characters fight off a super mutant raiding party or grapple with a pack of feral ghouls in abandoned sewers and subway tunnels. Extra points are awarded for at least one Wanamigo failure 2

6 environment design

If the Amazon series got anything right, it’s the Cold War red horror apocalypse look that helped make the games so memorable. Everything from the architecture to the vehicles is inspired by the retro-futurism of the 1950s-80s, with a bit crazy max Post-Apocalypse chimed in (the movies were an early inspiration for the games).

This retro-futurism is also very important as there is a misconception that Fallout takes place in the 50’s when it is not. It is set in a future similar to what people in the 50’s to 80’s thought was possible due to their limited understanding. Including this aspect of the world in the show is a must.

5 Thematic underpinning

Stand out is a series that constantly emphasizes humanity’s worst traits; war and greed. For years, the nations of the old world, in pursuit of power and wealth, drained the earth of her natural resources until there was not enough left to share them. The ensuing war and paranoia led to the destruction of the planet by a nuclear armed conflict. But even the apocalypse cannot save humanity from itself. It is simply the latest chapter in human history, swallowed up in self-interest and bathed in violence.

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This is one of the central arguments of the series. Humanity is by nature a self-destructive species, a fact that is observable simply by looking out the window. Last but not least, the show honestly needs to adjust this, otherwise the words “war, war never changes” have no real meaning.

4 The weapons

The weapons that appear in Stand out Games have always been largely based on the antiquated look of the 50s to 80s of the Cold War. Even the more sci-fi-like weapons look extremely dated just because of their ergonomics, but that’s because these weapons are based on the same retro-futurism idea as other parts of the game. This gives them a distinct visual style compared to the sci-fi guns you might see them in StarCitizenfor example.

In particular, conventional weapons such as handguns and rifles lack most of the modern accessories used on modern firearms. This includes optics, lasers, lights and grips. If anything, many of the weapons resemble the sort of bone stock, basic equipment you would see on an American or Soviet soldier in the 1970s. With that in mind, it would look very out of place to see a full-featured, modern day FN SCAR appearing in the Amazon series.

3 Action & Conflict

Simply put, without an interesting story that Stand out Show is going nowhere. Bethesda’s recent games have been criticized for not having the best stories, but that’s usually made up for in the gameplay department. Such a department does not exist in the medium of television. The show needs to build on the strengths of its narrative.

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But that has to be said Stand out has told many interesting stories in the games, despite many fan complaints about the more recent releases. The original two Stand out Play along with New Vegas still receive praise for their ability to tell interesting stories, whether through the main quest, side quests, DLC, or simply by exploring the open world (like Randall Clark’s terminal entries). It would be a shame to see the show squander the IP’s potential to invent a memorable, worthwhile story.

2 factions

Stand out has always been about the politics of the post-nuclear apocalypse. From a video game perspective, this serves the RPG playstyle very effectively as it gives the player the ability to interact and shape the world around them. Beyond that, however, it’s a fundamental theme of the series; the tribes and nations rising from the ashes trying to make a living in the ruins of the old world and how they interact with each other.

Like the NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel, or the Institute and the railroad. The show could very easily translate this element of the games.

1 Vaults and their Experiments

Stand out almost not Stand out excluding vaults and the Vaultek Corporation. Each game has more or less featured them, and they’re ingrained as one of their hearts in the series’ brand of social commentary. Not only that, vaults are always interesting places for the player to explore, where they learn about their particularly sociopathic experiment and its impact on the vault dwellers.

The show would waste one of the best parts of the game series by not including at least one vault. They’re just too woven into the show’s identity to ignore. It wouldn’t even be difficult, in fact the main character doesn’t even have to come out of a vault (as some games in the series have shown). There are a million reasons to put Tresor on the show, so why not?

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