8 Things Itachi Uchiha Did Wrong

Naruto’s Itachi Uchiha is Sasuke Uchiha’s older brother and a boy hailed as a genius. At the age of 7, Itachi is known to possess the wisdom of a Kage, which is unprecedented in Naruto world.

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However, as fans already know about him, Itachi is a man who, admittedly, has made a lot of mistakes throughout his life as a ninja. While he was hailed as a hero who did everything he can save his village like a Hokage, he is also someone who has some flaws and countless mistakes to his name.

Make a decision for Sasuke

Itachi and Sasuke

Perhaps one of the worst things Itachi Uchiha ever did was make the decision to give Sasuke back when they lived happily ever after.

As a child, it would be difficult for Sasuke to discern the truth and Itachi used this to push Sasuke down the path he thought was best for him. Instead of being honest with his brother, Itachi decided some things had a bad influence on Sasuke growing up.


Pushing his own brother down the path of hatred

Sasuke Uchiha Curse Seal Power

Sasuke had a childhood that every child deserves until Itachi turned his entire world upside down. Not only did he lie to Sasuke many times, but he also forced him down a path of hatred that he didn’t want to go.

Itachi instilled hatred in Sasuke and for an 8-year-old, this was so hurtful that he became obsessed with gaining power, no matter the source. Sasuke left the village to seek strength from Orochimaru simply because Itachi pushed him to the brink.

Made Sasuke suffer with Tsukuyomi at 8 years old

Itachi uses Tsukuyomi

After the deaths of Fugaku and Mikoto, Sasuke finally approached their corpses and found his brother there. For Sasuke, Itachi was perhaps the only source of solace at this point, but he soon realized that the man was the cause of the tragedy in the first place.

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With his Mangekyo Sharingan, Itachi used Tsukuyomi on him and made him witness the death of his parents, along with several other members of the clan again and again. Given that Tsukuyomi is an extremely powerful jutsu, Sasuke was completely traumatized and eventually passed out.

Sasuke asked to kill his best friend

Naruto fights Sasuke

Not only did Itachi give Sasuke a mental breakdown on the day of the Uchiha clan tragedy, but he also had some of the worst ideas in mind like killing his best friend to get the Mangekyo Sharingan.

Itachi wanted Sasuke to become the hero of the village after he killed him but if Sasuke killed a friend to gain power, it can be said that no one in the village would consider him a hero because of it. On the contrary, Sasuke will probably be dealt with severely. Thankfully, Sasuke never did Itachi’s ill will.

Massacre his entire clan

Itachi Uchiha clan massacre

Itachi’s greatest crime to this day is still the massacre of his own clan in which he participated. Although he was without a doubt the one most devoted to Konoha, Itachi had killed thousands of people just for the sake of existence and wanting better.

The Uchiha clan was abused by Konoha time and time again and it was understandable why they wanted to stage a coup but Itachi put an end to that. He killed not only the people involved in the coup but also all the others, including the innocent children.

Put Sasuke into a coma again

Itachi Beats Sasuke

After Sasuke became a member of Team 7, he ran into Uchiha Itachi after the death of Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage. Haunted by revenge thanks to Itachi’s traumatic genjutsu, Sasuke’s first instinct upon seeing his brother was to kill him.

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Needless to say he failed miserably and Itachi Uchiha unreasonably cast another genjutsu of the Uchiha Clan Massacre on him, leaving him in a coma for weeks. The fact that Itachi has complete control over space and time in the Tsukuyomi world means that he may have shown Sasuke images of his deceased parents countless times.

Plan to control Sasuke with Kotoamatsukami

Shisui using her Mangekyo Sharingan

At some point, Itachi realizes that his plan has backfired and instead of protecting the village, Sasuke will want to destroy it after he realizes the truth and to counter this, solves the problem. Your law is to lie again.

Via using Shisui Uchiha’s KotoamatsukamiItachi intended to manipulate Sasuke by preventing him from moving against the village. There was certainly no doubt that it was wrong for Sasuke to take revenge on the villagers, however, not teaching him right from wrong and instead manipulating him was also wrong.

Grasping the truth from Sasuke

Naruto Sasuke Itachi Uchiha Fighting Sharingan

Itachi hid the truth about the Uchiha Clan Massacre from Sasuke and forced him to shoulder a burden he was never ready to accept. Eventually, he realizes that it’s wrong to manipulate Sasuke and try to mold him into living the way he wants.

To make things right, Itachi told Sasuke the whole truth and expressed his undying love for his brother. Sadly, the damage has already been done at this point and Sasuke became a criminal worldwide shinobi. Things would have been a lot different for him if Itachi had been honest and hadn’t decided to hide the truth from Sasuke.

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