8 Cool Details You May Have Missed About Chopper’s Clothing

The Straw Hat Pirates’ doctor, Tony Tony Chopper, also known as the Cotton Candy Lover, hails from the great line, specifically from Drum Island. He is the fifth person to accompany Luffy on his journey to become the Pirate King. Chopper wants to follow his dream of becoming a doctor who can cure any disease.

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He is a very popular character in One piece, especially for its cute design and attitude, but also for its intelligence and contribution to the story. Like any other character, Chopper’s outfit holds many secrets about his character.


8th debut outfit

Chopper’s first appearance was in the Drum Island arc in the 134th chapter of the story and episode 84 of the anime. He was first introduced in his reindeer form alongside Kureha healing a child while waiting to push their carriage again, wearing a saddle and clothing that covered most of his body except for his legs and face. Added to this was his very iconic pink hat with a cross.

He was later seen in his hybrid form after treating Nami for her terminal illness. At that moment, Chopper was wearing his hat and dark purple shorts, which would later become his trademark for most of the primeval jump One piece.

7 monster chopper

In classic anime logic, Chopper’s clothes appear to expand perfectly to accommodate his shifting hybrid forms, and they expand greatly as he accesses his gargantuan monster form. This form was first introduced during the Enie’s Lobby arc where he found himself in a losing battle against Kumadori.

With his back to the wall, he picked up three Rumble Balls, which activated a rogue transformation capable of destroying everything, foe and friend alike. However, after the time skip, he has learned to control it better, although it still has its downsides, such as a limited time use of 10 minutes, followed by side effects such as paralysis.

6 his hat

Chopper’s pink hat is perhaps the most iconic feature of his design, along with the large X in the center. The X is a flashback to his past, when he was abandoned by his family for being a bizarre blue-nosed deer who also ate a devil fruit.

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He was later adopted by Doctor Hililuk, a strange man and the person who eventually raised him and introduced him to medicine. More specifically, the X is most likely a reference to his profession as a doctor, as it is a tilted hospital cross and doubles as a symbol for a pirate cross.

5 its color

Chopper’s main color as stated by Eiichiro Oda himself, the author of One piece in a previous SBS, is pink. This is evident in many of his outfits, especially his hat. Almost all of his outfits feature this color, which just shows that Chopper really loves her.

His 15th anniversary outfit was by far the perfect display of his love of color. It also goes well with the Sakura that Hililuk eventually created on Drum Island to heal the land after visiting a land to the west.

4 Post timeskip outfit

Chopper spent two years at the Torino Kingdom in the South Blue, where, among other things, he deepened his medical knowledge.

After the time skip, Chopper received a major wardrobe change, most notably his hat, which is vastly different now. Additionally, his very first post-timeskip outfit also included light purple shorts and a yellow and white striped shirt.

3 New hat

Chopper’s hat holds a lot of meaning for his character as it connects him to his mentor Hililuk and is his keepsake. While Chopper always put it on before the time skip, the hat’s appearance changed quite a bit afterward.

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However, very few fans know that, according to the author, his new hat is still the same pink hat everyone has come to love. The only difference is that the hat now carries an additional, usually blue, guard. The guard’s color also changes with his outfit, giving Oda more flexibility in outfitting choppers.

2 Wano outfit

From beginning to end of the Wano arc, many straw hats have been pushed out of their comfort zones with new and varied Japanese outfits.

For Chopper, Kin’emon offered a rather adorable green ninja outfit with some white and pink highlights and some black mesh over the arms and legs. This outfit is specifically known as a ninja yoroei. He also wore a red katana at his waist and some shuriken to complete his ninja look.

1 Onigashima outfit

With the invasion of Onigashima, all Straw Hat Pirates got an outfit change, and Chopper was no exception. First, thanks to the power of Kin’emon’s Devil Fruit, he transitioned from a ninja outfit to a Beast Pirates uniform. His Beast Pirates outfit was fairly basic, consisting of the standard black uniform along with a pink helmet, which he wore primarily during the “Big Mom Chase” portion of the arc.

His samurai outfit, on the other hand, was more complex, being red and gold armor that lacked much of its usual pink coloration. This included outfit was quite complicated and bore a striking resemblance to his armor on the cover of Volume 95 alongside Luffy and Brook.

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