8 Comic Villains Who Could Be in the MCU’s Fantastic Four

Marvel’s iconic first household, the Improbable 4, have battled no scarcity of memorable enemies over their 60-year comedian historical past, from alien invaders to prison masterminds to extradimensional monsters. Nonetheless, you’d be forgiven for not figuring out that primarily based on their earlier cinematic portrayals.

Out of the three previous Improbable 4 films (4 counting the unreleased 1994 movie directed by Roger Corman), all three have featured Physician Doom as the principle antagonist, with Rise of the Silver Surfer briefly that includes a really underwhelming depiction of Galactus. And whereas Doom and Galactus are completely iconic characters who may doubtlessly develop into among the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s best villains, they each should be constructed up over multiple entries like Thanos or Kang — a debut movie for the brand new FF already has 4 protagonists to ascertain and develop, so its predominant unhealthy man ought to most likely be on the simple facet. Fortunately, there are already loads of villains from the comics who would make an ideal antagonist for the upcoming Jon Watts-directed Improbable 4, coming quickly to the MCU.

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Referred to as “the Dwelling Loss of life That Walks”, the insectoid tyrant often known as Annihilus is without doubt one of the FF’s most horrifying foes. He guidelines over the anti-matter dimension often known as the Damaging Zone, and instructions a military of buglike monsters known as the Annihilation Wave. Pushed by paranoia, he’s obsessive about wiping out all life in existence to protect his personal life, and practically got here shut in a beloved comic storyline known as Annihilation, starring Thanos, Silver Surfer, Nova, Star-Lord, and Drax. Annihilus is an easy but threatening enemy who’d make an ideal foe for the FF’s MCU debut.


One other “what you see is what you get” sort of villain, Mole Man was the very first enemy the FF ever confronted. He’s a scientist who found the underground realm of Subterranea, inhabited by monsters of all sizes and styles. Utilizing know-how created by the Deviants, Mole Man turned the monsters into his private military, changing into the ruler of Subterranea and declaring conflict on the floor world. Whereas Mole Man himself isn’t too imposing, his monstrous legion would make for fairly the spectacular menace. Additionally, an extra enjoyable reality: Mole Man was the inspiration for the Underminer from The Incredibles.


Strolling the road between campy and creepy, this basic villain has the facility to regulate anybody by making a puppet of their picture. His mind-controlling machinations have even turned the FF towards each other, making him a thematically becoming villain for a narrative a couple of household supporting one another by means of adversity. Plus, he’s the daddy of the Factor’s longtime love curiosity Alicia Masters, giving him a serious connection to the FF’s supporting forged.


The Mad Thinker is an archetypical mad scientist, as unhinged as he’s power-hungry. He’s a masterful schemer and strategist, however he’s greatest identified for creating the Superior Android, a battle robotic that may mimic the powers of its opponents. Not solely would the Mad Thinker be an mental rival to Mr. Improbable, however his Superior Android would even be a formidable menace to the complete crew.


This villain is a bit on the sillier facet, however no much less memorable for it. Within the comics, Ivan Kragoff was a Soviet scientist who replicated the incident that gave the FF their cosmic powers — besides his crew was composed of skilled apes as an alternative of people. And thus, the Crimson Ghost and his Tremendous-Apes had been born: Mikhlo the super-strong gorilla, Peotr the magnetic orangutan, and Igor the shapeshifting baboon. Kragoff himself gained the facility to develop into invisible and intangible, therefore the identify. An evil cosmonaut with a crew of superpowered apes is certainly an offbeat alternative for a villain, however it’s no stranger than anything the MCU has done earlier than.


Within the comics, the being identified solely as Psycho-Man is the despotic ruler of the Microverse — higher identified within the MCU because the Quantum Realm — who needs to broaden his empire to the broader universe. He makes use of a tool often known as the Management-Field to induce worry, doubt, and hate inside people, bending them to his will in his schemes of conquest. In a single memorable storyline, he even managed to brainwash the Invisible Girl, remodeling her into the highly effective villain named Malice. Psycho-Man’s connections to an established part of MCU lore make him a pure candidate to be tailored, to say nothing of the potential menace posed by his powers of psychological management.


As soon as a timid lab tech, Owen Reece’s life was modified perpetually when he by accident used a particle accelerator to open a rift in house and time, granting him the facility of the cosmic being often known as the Beyonder. Initially, he may solely manipulate the molecules of inorganic matter (therefore his identify), however over time he realized to regulate all molecules, giving him near-unlimited energy to reshape actuality as he noticed match. Evidently, Molecule Man is a serious participant within the Marvel multiverse, with deep connections to iconic storylines like Secret Wars. His overwhelming energy and complicated, troubled character would make him a really compelling addition to the MCU.


Kl’rt, higher often known as the Tremendous-Skrull, is maybe essentially the most well-known character on this checklist, but in addition doubtlessly the trickiest to adapt for the FF’s MCU debut. Within the comics, he’s a Skrull soldier who’s granted the powers of the Improbable 4 to beat Earth for the Skrull Empire. However as seen in Captain Marvel, the MCU’s Skrulls aren’t ruthless imperialists, however fairly helpless victims of the Kree. However with the Secret Invasion TV series on the horizon, the Skrulls could very effectively be taking an antagonistic position earlier than lengthy — maybe within the type of a villainous splinter group. And if that’s the case, there’s no extra well-known Skrull villain than the Tremendous-Skrull himself. It’s fully doable that Kl’rt shall be tailored into the MCU as quickly as Secret Invasion, which might set him up completely to be the principle antagonist of Jon Watts’ Improbable 4.

However in fact, there’s presently no data on the story or forged of the upcoming movie, a lot much less who the principle villain shall be. It may doubtlessly be any of these comic book baddies, and even another person fully. However regardless of who finally ends up being the first antagonist of Jon Watts’ Improbable 4, it’ll be thrilling to see extra of the FF’s rogues’ gallery delivered to life on the large display screen.

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