8 Best Bounty Hunter Games

One of the greatest aspects of video games is not only the ability to experience a story as a protagonist, but to immerse yourself in the world with a specific profession. Some games are enhanced with role-playing ability, immersing the player in a deeper world.

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One such profession much admired in fiction is that of a bounty hunter. The ability to track and hunt sentient prey for money feels like something straight out of a western. Some games allow players to fully realize themselves as bounty hunters, and with a lot of fun.


8th Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

As an action-adventure game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is set in the celebrated Lord of the rings Universe created by JRR Tolkien. The game follows Talion, a captain of the Rangers of Gondor who tragically fell in Mordor. Talion awakens, resurrected and bound to Celebrimbor to wreak vengeance on Mordor.

The game features a unique nemesis system where Uruk-hai can kill Talion and each other to climb the ranks. This system allows Talion to seek out high-ranking Uruk to hunt and slay for a reward and strike fear in the hearts of Mordor’s villains.

7 Fallout: New Vegas

There’s a lot of love in there Stand out games, but Fallout: New Vegas There are still people who wish for a nuclear winter more than 12 years later. In the game, the player ventures through the Mojave Wasteland as Courier, a player-created protagonist. There is immense freedom in this action role-playing game.

The game features a variety of missions where players can kill other people for bottle caps. With the help of mods, this experience will be amplified tenfold, as players will be able to engage in player-created bounties that can test their skills.

6 dishonored

Maybe less of a bounty hunting game and more of an assassin game, dishonored offers an immersive first-person action game. The player experiences the story of a supernatural assassin driven only by revenge. Corvo Attano was the royal protector of the beloved empress. Framed in the assassination, Corvo must flee and hunt down those involved in usurping Dunwall’s government.

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Despite being a game about assassins, there are some missions that immerse the player as a bounty hunter. Players can choose to take out their enemies fatally or non-lethal, or even embark on specific side quests for money or favors.

5 Fourteen days

As one of the leading battle royale games Fourteen days is evolving. Any season of Fourteen days introduces something new and exciting for returning players to the highly addictive game. One of these new features is the ability to do bounty hunting.

Players can task themselves with hunting down real players on the big Fortnite island and reward themselves with kills to reduce the player supply and a bounty of gold to spend on weapons, gadgets and upgrades. After all, who wouldn’t want to play as Darth Vader and hunt down Ezio Auditore?

4 Star Wars: Bounty Hunters

When the fans first watched Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, many of them were excited to learn more about Boba Fett’s father Jango Fett. Jango was a famous bounty hunter in the galaxy far, far away, but was taken down by Jedi Master Mace Windu. Luckily for players, Jango’s story begins Star Wars: Bounty Hunters.

The game brings war of stars fans into the gloomy underworld of the criminal enterprise. Players can check their visors to see if there are any bounties hiding among the NPCs as they delve into an immersive story of intrigue.

3 Grand Theft Auto Online

A gaming experience that remains on the bestseller list even after nine years, Grand Theft Auto Online Gamer content never runs out. Since its release, players have been able to place bounties on each other. Killing other players with a bounty grants the victor a monetary reward and annoys the other player, making it a win-win situation.

Players can also use the in-game smartphone to access Iconic Grand Theft Auto Request characters and missions. Some of these missions involve actively hunting NPC characters that can be found on the map. Be careful as other players will be alerted and rewarded by defending the NPC.

2 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Although the fate of the world depends on the safety of Geralt’s daughter Ciri, players can enjoy a few side activities as Geralt the Witcher. Even if the story of The witcher 3 Based on the Wild Hunt and her quest for Ciri’s power, players can enjoy simpler times with Gwent and learn what it means to be a witcher.

It might not be the true form of bounty hunting, but killing and solving problems involving monsters and a silver blade is quite the bounty hunt when it comes to money. There’s lots of witchcraft to do and lots of fun to be had.

1 Red Dead Online

Bounty hunting feels like the purest experience of being a legendary gunslinger in the old west, and Red Dead Online brings that experience back to life. Players can purchase a bounty hunter license and from there begin their journey as a bounty hunter with their funds. There is a lot of exciting content for bounty hunters Red Dead Online.

Players can experience a wide variety of replayable missions involving hunting down devils and crooks. These can range from men frolicking with wolves in the wild to criminals using powerful narcotics to hallucinate their victims. Or, if players have a bounty on them, other players can hunt them down for the price on their heads.

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