7 Ways to Feel More Comfortable With Your Partner in the Bedroom

Sex can be one of the greatest experiences in the world, but because of this high potential, it can also be uncomfortable, even if you are engaging in sex with a partner you love and are familiar with. There are many signs that you might be uncomfortable during sex, such as lack of enjoyment being naked with your partner, crying, pushing away, not being enthusiastic about sex, mood changes, and more. We want you to be able to enjoy sex to its fullest, meaning that we also want you to feel more comfortable with your partner in the bedroom if you don’t already. Today, we’re going to give you seven ways to help you feel more comfortable with your partner the next time you have sex. Some of these ways include using natural lube, communicating, removing distractions, and more. To learn all the ways to feel more comfortable with your partner while having sex, keep on reading. 

1. Go Slowly 

The first and probably the most impactful thing you can do to feel more comfortable in the bedroom is to remove all pressure from you that you have to move fast and perform a certain way. Sex doesn’t have to be quick; rather, it’s much better when it happens slowly. Rushing through sex can be stressful and increase your feelings of discomfort, which is why going slowly is so important. Focus on every little thing that happens during sex with your partner, and enjoy every moment, no matter how insignificant. 

2. Work on Your Relationship 

If you and your partner don’t have a great relationship outside of the bedroom, then it follows suit that your sex life will also be less than ideal. To feel more comfortable with your partner during sex, you have to work on your relationship outside of the bedroom. Factors like arguments and differences play a huge role in sex, whether you realize it or not, so to have the most comfortable experience possible, you and your partner should work these things out before getting intimate. 

3. Use Natural Lube 

Sometimes the discomfort you might feel during sex can come from physical pain, and a great way to help reduce pain during sex is to put on natural lube. Most of the time, the natural lubricant the body creates when it is turned on is not enough to make sex painless, so natural lube is critical for pain-free, comfortable sex. When it comes to what kind of lube you should get, natural lube is the best because the ingredients are organic and not harmful, while other unnatural lubricants use harsh chemicals that can do a lot of damage to some of your most sensitive regions. 

4. CBD 

Another external tool you can use to help you feel more comfortable with your partner in the bedroom is to take advantage of CBD. One way to do this is to use CBD suppositories, which can be inserted into the vagina. CBD suppositories can help your mind and muscles relax, making sex a more comfortable endeavor. Make sure to ask your local healthcare professional before trying any new treatments for painful sex. 

5. Be Direct

Indirect communication is the enemy of comfortable sex. If you feel uncomfortable with your partner in the bedroom, analyze how you two communicate while being intimate. Are the things you both are saying confusing and hard to interpret, or is the communication direct and easy to understand? Be direct with your partner so they know exactly what you like and dislike, and encourage them to do the same with you. 

6. Remove Distractions 

Feeling bombarded with distractions can make anyone feel uncomfortable in the bedroom. We are all surrounded by distractions: smartphone notifications, laptops, TVs, the sound of people outside, and so on. These distractions can draw your mind away from focusing on enjoying sex with your partner, so to feel as comfortable as possible, try to limit these distractions. Put your phones on silent or outside the bedroom, and try to have intimacy in a quiet place. These things can make you feel free to fully engage in sex with your partner. 

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Say No 

Finally, don’t be afraid to say no. If your partner is doing anything you’re uncomfortable with, immediately communicate that and say you don’t want to do it. Your instinct might be guilt that you made them stop, but this will make sex more enjoyable and comfortable for both of you in the long run.


We hope this article helped show you some ways you can feel more comfortable with your partner in the bedroom. Sex should be an intimate, enjoyable, comfortable experience, so by taking to heart some of these tips, you might finally be able to experience sex as it is supposed to be.

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