7 Underrated Sci-Fi Movies From the 2010s & Where You Can Stream Them

The sci-fi genre is very popular because it allows the creation of worlds and places that audiences have never seen. With so many new sci-fi movies coming out each year, it’s almost impossible to watch every single one. As a result, it’s easy to miss some movies that fly under the radar or don’t get ratings high enough, which might deter some people from watching them.

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However, a lower rating doesn’t always equal a bad movie, sometimes it’s just a matter of personal matters. Some of the relatively recent sci-fi movies from the 2010s weren’t huge hits, but they still deserve more attention and are worth streaming them.

7 Priest (2011)

Paul Bettany fights in Priest

Inspired by comics Monk hated by many viewers but this is not a bad movie. It creates a complex world, most of which has been destroyed, which is a pleasure to explore in more detail. Paul Bettany delivers another stellar performance as the True Priest and Karl Urban shines as the main villain.

Overall, Monk not the most original movie in the world but the people who watched it who prefer their vampires more brutal and traditional might enjoy streaming movies on Netflix.


6 Green Lantern (2011)

Justice League Green Lantern

It’s true that this superhero movie isn’t as great as the others. However, considering how many superhero movies exist, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s bad. This is a rare opportunity to see Green Lantern on the big screen that no fan of this superhero should miss.

Ryan Reynolds has had better performances elsewhere but he’s still fun to watch as the new Green Lantern superhero who discovered his power. Reynolds likes to mock Green Lantern in Deadpool, but the series, which is available on Netflix now, remains an enjoyable read for all superhero fans.

5 RIPD (2013)

RIPD 2013

Ryan Reynolds is known for his roles in action comedies. This movie also puts science fiction into the mix and the sheer absurdity of its story may be the reason why many people have ignored it or disliked it. However, RIPD Definitely a rarely seen original work.

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Reynolds plays a dead cop and joins the undead police team that are hunting dangerous creatures that are moving across the Earth. His new mentor is Jeff Bridges’ sheriff, Roy Pulsipher, and the two make an unforgettable duo. This sci-fi comedy buddy cop now available on Netflix.

4 Hardcore Henry (2015)

Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry It’s also a heavyweight watch, which means it’s not for everyone. It is told from the main character’s point of view, so the audience rarely gets to see him. Instead, they see the world as the hero, through his eyes. Inspired by the aesthetic of action games, the film follows the famous Henry, who has no memory of his past and is searching for answers.

Of course, that didn’t happen without a lot of killing. The movie is a fast paced action movie that all gamers will love but the general audience may have a hard time. Like many underrated sci-fi movies, Hardcore Henry is also streaming on Netflix.

3 Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Jupiter Ascending

With an average rating on IMDb of just 5.3, it’s clear that this space opera isn’t attracting audiences. And the critics weren’t nice to it either. Part of the problem was that audiences had high expectations for the Wachowski sisters after they Matrix (1999).

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However, if viewers put their expectations aside, Jupiter Ascending It’s an enjoyable movie that, although predictable, is sometimes amusing and beautiful. The characters aren’t always sympathetic but the setting makes up for it if people want to relax and clear their heads while streaming movies on Netflix.

2 New Mutants (2019)

cinema release date in August 2020

With so many superhero movies available, it’s clear that some of them won’t score as well as others. New mutants most flew under the radar and it didn’t help that their premiere was delayed a few times.

However, if someone ignores this, New mutants is a sci-fi horror superhero with interesting characters and a solid setting. Plus, it’s a superhero movie short (about 90 minutes in length), so streaming on HBO is a good way to get through a dark night with a group of friends or even a group of friends. me.

first Code 8 (2019)

Code 8

Thanks to the MCU and DCEU, superhero movies that don’t belong in either of these two universes often don’t get as much attention as expected. Stephen Amell is known for playing the Green Arrow in the Arrowverse but he’s turned to a different side of the barricade in this movie and portrays a villain… to a certain extent.

Code 8 creates a fascinating world in which people with powers are not heroes but are hunted and pushed aside. A bonus for all Arrowverse fans is that Stephen Amell got to meet his cousin Robbie Amell (Arrowverse’s Firestorm) in the movie that’s available on Netflix and both have stellar performances. What makes Code 8 Even more interesting is that it doesn’t have a traditional happy ending like many superhero movies have.

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