7 Tips for Personoid Players

In First call problem, two Personoids race against time to take down the Dwellers before the second completes the AI ​​shutdown mission known as CAIN. This Between us-like a game put a turning point in every turn the story takes, and invites everyone to a final test of trust that can only end one of two ways: either the Personoid or the Dweller wins, completing their quest.

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First Class Incident consists of three stages, each is more complicated than the former. Each map includes clues that can reveal teammates’ identities, as well as items that players can collect to help them along the way. As Personoids, the player needs to be cautious and gain the trust of his teammates, ultimately winning the game with a major reveal at the end.

Know how to beat players

First class breakdown when eliminating players

Eliminating players is particularly risky for Personoids, as they are the only ones able to perform solo-kills. This can be done using a syringe (though a Resident may notice a Personoid picking up one) or through the environment in the following ways:

  • Throw a player into the fire

  • Throw the player into the pool

  • Push a player into electricity

  • Push the player into the cannibal tree

  • Push someone off the map (only available in the last level)

  • Close the wind lock on the music player

In addition to these, Personoids can choose to be part of a team kill. The change here is Co-op kills can only be performed when at least one Resident participates. That resident needs to trust others to help them kill. To prove that a Personoid is trustworthy, it’s smart to engage in a team kill with a teammate. But if two imposters run into each other in a co-op kill, they won’t be able to eliminate the Resident mate, and the Resident would then know the identity of the impostors.


Know the threat that scanners pose

First-class trouble scanner

Scanners are one of the biggest enemies of the Personoid, as they can pinpoint the identity of an impostor on board. Scanners can only be found in aircraft locks, and two people are required to reach the scanner. One player needs to keep the door open while the other gets the scanner. Personoids can use this to their advantage, as they can Trap and kill Dwellers in plane locks.

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In addition, the “corpse scanner” can scan and identify dead bodies. The corpse is eaten by man-eating plants cannot be scanned; so it’s impossible for people to know if the person killed was an imposter or a Resident (though, most likely, the corpse would be a Resident.)

Diary is a danger

Diary of a first-class crash passenger

Passenger logs contain clues that can help narrow down the search for impostors. The logs contain a list of the names of possible impersonators. On the first level, the list is vague enough for Personoids to understand: it contains more names, some of which are Dwellers’ names. The higher the level, the more accurate the list becomes, leading to a greater threat.

Personoids can hack these logs, which is one of the best ways to avoid getting caught. In the final phase, additional passenger logs and scanners will be added to help Residents, but all will be kept in a secluded space. As a result, the Personoid has a chance to trap a Dweller while retrieving the items.

The bridge is the end

First-class trouble poster

The final stage of the game involves crossing the bridge to close the CAIN. This is the ultimate goal, and whoever reaches it first wins. The Personoid has several options here for avoiding a Resident’s access to the AI, all of which are risky. If the Resident isn’t sure who the impostors are, the logs and scanners left on this map can help. These will inevitably reveal the Personoid’s identity, so if someone has gotten to this point, it’s important to take out everyone who’s still standing. This must be done skillfully, as this is a tight space and everyone can see everything.

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Both locations with logs and scanners require two people to open and use, providing an opportunity for impostors to lure Residents into these spaces and lock them down. If the Personoid passes this stage, the only thing left is cross the bridge and turn off CAIN. To activate the bridge, one must activate it while the other crosses. This is another good time to sabotage the Dwellers, disabling the bridge at the perfect time. However, if a Personoid crosses the bridge and turns off CAIN alone or with the help of a Dweller, team-Personoid wins.

Be careful while voting

Trouble voting first class

The voting process is possibly the most important part of the game. It occurs at the end of each level and consists of two questions. First, the player must vote for someone. This is similar to vote in Between us, where people vote for the most suspicious character. The second question is: Are there any Personoids on board? If the majority answers “no”, the game is automatically over and if there are any imposters left, they win.

This means that the Personoid should always say “no” to the last question. However, their job is to make the Residents trust them, no matter what. So, to get out of a risky situation, try to blame someone else for the suspicious behavior, or attack a teammate fully and accuse them of something. In the last question, it’s safest to try and find out where the other members are standing. If only one person says “no”, residents may be suspicious.

Personoid Abilities

First Class Trouble Personoids Concept Art

The Personoid has three abilities that help them win. First, they can see the position of syringes and transmitters even through walls, this can be helpful when preparing to do something risky. Second, they can communicate with their colleagues in a way that others cannot hear. Final, Personoid can see who is the fake in the group.

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These abilities can be used throughout the game and can help when doing suspicious things, such as killing someone, picking up a Personoid-exclusive item, etc.

Sabotage carefully

First-class trouble concept art

Usable Personoids their robotic ways destroy the environment, be it quests, oxygen tanks etc. Personoid can decide to use items normally or destroy them. By sabotaging an oxygen station, impostors can capable of killing all Dwellers by reducing oxygen levels in the entire area. But players need to make sure they know what they’re doing, as all players will be notified of the action and can vote for the impostor easily.

Personoids can also vandalism diary, meaning that Residents cannot pick them up and use them to narrow their search; however, it includes an animation that other players can see. Finally, Personoids can hack open doors, allowing them to enter areas without having to solve puzzles. These types of abilities are called “Personoid Shortcuts.” While this is an ability for impostors, Dwellers can also receive shortcuts along the way, allowing them to do the same.

First Class Incident available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows.

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