7 Things You Should Know About The Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Sequel

The seven deadly sins is a popular fantasy manga and anime series created by Nakaba Suzuki that features a ragtag band of knights with unique magical powers. The series features the usual battle manga action, but also offers a healthy dose of comedy and unique worldbuilding.

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The seven deadly sins ended in 2020, but Suzuki announced a sequel was coming soon. this sequel, Four Knights of the Apocalypse, launched in 2021 and features the character Percival prophesied to destroy the world with three other warriors. Here are some things fans should know Four Knights of the Apocalypse.


7 It takes place sixteen years after the original manga

Sequels can either take place directly after the original work or much, much longer after it. Four Knights of the Apocalypse sits somewhere in the middle and is set sixteen years after the original series. Coincidentally, all four Knights of the Apocalypse are also sixteen years old, suggesting a possible meaning behind the number of years.

While this long time jump would normally allow fans of the original series to see older versions of fan-favorite characters, this is not really the case Four Knights of the Apocalypse, since many of the seven deadly sins, like Meliodas and Gowther, are immortal and don’t change at all with age. Still, there are human characters that show the passage of time, like Howzer.

6 It draws more influence from Arthurian mythology

The seven deadly sins was mostly its own fantasy universe, but it occasionally drew elements from Arthurian mythology, the most obvious examples being the characters Merlin and Arthur himself. Additionally, many characters in this manga were named after Arthurian characters such as Meliodas and Ban.

With Arthur and Camelot coming to the forefront of the story this time, it’s obvious that more Arthurian characters and references would appear in it Four Knights of the Apocalypse. Of course, the main character, Percival, is a clear example, as he’s named after one of Arthurian mythology’s most famous knights. Despite this, the main plot of the story is very different from Arthur’s story, although characters are borrowed from it.

5 Arthur seems to be the main villain

Arthur Pendragon first appeared as a supporting character The seven deadly sins, as a young king with a serious desire for peace. However, at the end of this series, Arthur was transformed into the King of Chaos by Merlin, making him a man of extremely powerful magic.

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Though Arthur was still an ally in the end The seven deadly sinsthrough Four Knights of the Apocalypse, he seems to have become more ruthless and wishes to create a kingdom free of non-human races. This is a big change from the friendly knight he was before. Although it is possible that Arthur will change his mind and give up his genocidal ideals, he seems to be the main villain of this manga at the moment.

4 The sons of Meliodas and Ban play a role in the story

Part of what fans were probably excited about when they heard about a sequel to this The seven deadly sins sees the children of the main characters as part of the story, especially since the time jump between the two works allows for this possibility. While it takes time, Meliodas and Ban’s sons, Tristan and Lancelot, eventually appear in the story and will be important as they are Knights of the Apocalypse, just like Percival.

Eventually, aside from Tristan and Lancelot, Gawain is also introduced as the final and only female member of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse. Like Tristan and Lancelot, Gawain has a connection to a character The seven deadly sinsis the niece of Arthur Pendragon himself.

3 Melioda’s son was originally intended to be the main character

Meliodas and Elizabeth’s son, Tristan, was originally introduced at the end The seven deadly sins. Of course, fans expected him to be the main character of every sequel to the series. In fact, Nakaba Suzuki actually considered having Tristan as the main protagonist of his new series.

However, Suzuki decided against it and instead made Percival, a character created specifically for the sequel, the protagonist. His reasoning was that he wanted a character that wasn’t as closely associated with the cast of the previous series. As a result, Percival has no connection to the Seven Deadly Sins or any character in the previous manga. Although Tristan isn’t the main character, he’s sure to have a big role as the Knight of the Apocalypse.

2 The coffin of eternal darkness is important

The Coffin of Eternal Darkness is a ritual relic used to seal the demon clan thousands of years ago. During The Seven Deadly Sins, Fraudrin unsealed several demons by assembling the coffin. Although the coffin lost importance thereafter, it had a major impact on subsequent events.

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The Coffin of Eternal Darkness returns in Four Knights of the Apocalypse, with Ironside first attempting to sacrifice a city to free the coffin. However, he was stopped by Percival and his friends, who manage to disassemble the coffin before he can use it. While the completion of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness is put on hold, it’s clear it’s important to Arthur’s plans.

1 Percival inherits the Dragon Grip from Meliodas

Meliodas’ Dragon Grip is an important part of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness as it is one of the parts needed to unlock the coffin’s seal. It was used as the first weapon of choice by Meliodas, although it did not have a blade of its own.

In Four Knights of the Apocalypse, the Dragon Grip is shown to already be part of the nearly assembled Coffin of Eternal Darkness. When Percival’s group destroys the coffin, they manage to take the dragon’s hilt with them. Howzer ends up forging a blade onto the hilt, allowing Percival to use it as an actual sword. Percival with Melioda’s former weapon is a great tribute to the previous protagonist while also serving as a symbolic handover of the torch.

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