7 minigames that are better than their base games

Developers often find creative ways to spice up gameplay by introducing new mechanics or mini-games. The latter completely changes what you’d expect from the game by giving players a taste of something different, usually from a completely different genre.

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While the developers want players to enjoy these, they might not want players to spend more time there than they do in the main game, like in the examples below. To be clear, all of the following games are still great even without their addicting minigame. Players have already spent their money, so no matter how players spend their time after purchasing the product, designers should be satisfied.


8th Gwent: The Witcher 3

To say a mini game in it The witcher 3 on par with the rest of the game is a big challenge. That speaks to how good, complex and deep the third game in this franchise is. Gwent has a complex set of rules and requires finesse to be victorious, even with a good hand. Players can challenge countless NPCs around the world.

It might seem out of character for Geralt to take time out from searching for his missing adopted daughter to play a few cards, but everyone gets to lighten a load here and there. Gwent has since developed a life of its own, with spin-offs showcasing gameplay centered around the fictional card game.

7 Alien Hominid: PDA Games

Alien hominid was a small game that gained popularity thanks to the classic site Newgrounds. The console version significantly expanded the layers included in the browser title and cleaned up the graphics. Several small mini-games have also been added. Among them was a platformer mini-game in which players control stick figures across single-screen levels.

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The simple graphics and gameplay make it accessible to those unfamiliar with platform games. Players can jump through well over a hundred levels in this mode, and players can even create their own for friends to try out. We hope the mode stays in the upcoming re-release.

6 Anaconda: TimeSplitters 2

Where the original timesplitter was a rush job, cutting corners to launch alongside the PlayStation 2, time splitter 2 went all out with more content and more complicated single player levels. The objectives were complex and the missions often involved a combination of stealth and action. Players had a radar in their inventory and could access various mini-games with the device provided they found the cartridges in the world first.

There are three minigames in total, but the one that players probably used the most was Anaconda. The goal is simple; Eat as much food on the screen without touching anything else. Every bit the snake takes lengthens it, increasing the difficulty. There’s a lot of content in there time splitter 2but it’s easy to find time for this minigame.

5 Puzzle Kombat: Mortal Kombat: Deception

Before 2011 Mortal Kombat brought the series back to basics and focused on making the tightest fighting game possible. The series used to pack a lot of content and mini-games into the package. In addition to the adventure mode called Konquest, the developers have added a few minigames Mortal Kombat: Deception.

There’s a chess-inspired game, and then there’s Puzzle Kombat. This mode borrows a lot from the popular one puzzle fighter Arcade game only with more pints of blood. It was a whole new pastime and entertaining for those unfamiliar with traditional combat.

4 Monkey Bowling: Super Monkey Ball

If you imagine games Toshihiro Nagoshi, the creator of the yakuza Franchise that was being worked on before the debut of the aforementioned series, they probably wouldn’t imagine a game in which monkeys traverse dangerous mazes in balls. monkey ball gets surprisingly challenging though, so don’t let the childish aesthetic fool you.

The main game is complemented by a number of mini-games. One of them is a surprisingly well-made bowling simulator. The gimmick here is the monkey is the bowling ball. Another mode includes special lanes that change shape and move as the ball makes its way to the pins.

3 Triple Triad: Final Fantasy 8

Most final fantasy The games contain a mini-game that players can engage with throughout the adventure. These rarely receive as much general acclaim as Triple Triad from the eighth numbered entry. The card game feels complicated at first, but slowly becomes understandable as players engage more with it.

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Squall can steadily expand his deck and challenge NPCs from the beginning of the journey to the end. Even if there were no main game rewards, players would still invest tons of time in Triple Triad. Most agree that it’s a lot more entertaining than Blitzball Final Fantasy X.

2 Fort Condor: Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The original Final Fantasy 7 featured a tower defense game in which players defend a bird nesting on a Mako reactor from Shinra troops. Break, the DLC episode starring Yuffie, contains a mini-game based on this side quest. This version gets the nod for speeding up the pace of gameplay and cleaning up the graphics on a smaller playing field.

The mini-game side quest is long, but even after conquering it, players will want more. Hopefully future entries in the remake franchise will have more opportunities for Fort Condor.

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