6 things the Disney Plus show changed from the comics

Mrs Miracle is a show about Kamala Khan’s origin story as Mrs Miracle. As the MCU’s first Muslim and Pakistani hero, the show had many expectations. Luckily, the show delivers on every front. Dive deep into Pakistan’s history and showcase some of Pakistan’s most popular actors. Mrs Miracle breaks many stigmas surrounding Pakistani culture.

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Mrs Miracle strayed far from its comic book roots. While the characters remain largely the same, quite a few things have changed from the comics. Things like the origins of the characters and Kamala’s powers have been changed from the comics. Since the The final episode of Ms. Marvel premiered yesterdayhere are the biggest changes made in the Mrs Miracle show from the comics.

This article contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel streaming now on Disney Plus.

6 Ms. Marvel’s powers

Ms. Marvel’s powers in the series are unrelated to her powers in the comics. In the show, Kamala has cosmic powers that allow her to manifest energy in any form she desires. This allows for a range of forces, e.g. B. that Kamala can shoot orbs and beams of energy, or that she can stretch her limbs and make them bigger, or that she can create discs out of her energy and use them to walk/run above the surface. Since the first season of Mrs Miracle Concealed her origins, there is a high possibility that Kamala will gain more powers over time.

In the comics, Ms. Marvel can stretch her limbs much like Reed Richards. She is also capable of shapeshifting and morphing into anything. According to Kevin Feige, the changes are because the comics and the MCU have wildly different timelines.

5 Kamran

On the show, Kamran is among Kamala’s greatest allies. In fact, he is the only one among his mother’s clan destinies who is not a villain. In the comics, Kamran is one of Kamala’s greatest villains. Working for Lineage, an Inhuman villain in the comics, Kamran is initially Kamala’s love interest but when he discovers Kamala is Mrs Miracle He kidnaps her and brings her to Lineage and later attacks her family as well.

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However, this change is to be welcomed. In the show, Kamran is a Clan Destine and Kamala’s crush. The two later befriend Kamran, who saves Kamala when the Secretaries attack her. The show then has them fight together to escape Sadie Deever and her forces in the final episode.

4 Ms. Marvel’s origins

In the comics, Kamala becomes aware of her superpowers after Black Bolt unleashes the Terrigen Mist, a mist that awakens powers in any Inhuman. The Terrigen Mist also alerts Kamran to its power. Both Kamran and Kamala are Inhumans in the comics.

On the show, Kamala realizes she has superpowers when one day she decides to wear her grandmother’s bangles to Avengercon. It is later revealed that while the bracelet awakened the powers, they were always a part of Kamala.

3 Pakistani origins

While Kamala has always been Pakistani, the show really went deep into her Pakistani culture. A big part of the show was Pakistan, with several episodes narrated in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city. The show let Kamala learn a lot about her Pakistani roots, from her great-grandmother, Aisha’s past and how Kamala derives her powers as a Djinn, to Kamala discovering Karachi with her cousins ​​and eating birayni in a bag.

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The show placed an emphasis on the partition that also created Pakistan, with Kamala going back in time and helping her grandmother reconnect with her father during partition. This change is another welcome one for Pakistani representation on a Marvel show and a great way to introduce more people to Pakistani society.

2 Kamala’s family

While Kamala’s family in the series is the same as in the comics, the series puts a lot of emphasis on her family. Kamala’s family is a central part of the show. A lot of value is placed on family values ​​such as traditions and beliefs. From Kamala’s protective parents to Amir’s traditional wedding, Kamala’s family is a big part of the show, unlike the comics where their role isn’t as important.

This is another good change because it’s another example of accurate rendering. In Pakistani, family is a very important part of life and the show reflects this perfectly.

1 Kamala is a jinn

It is revealed in the show that Kamala’s powers stem from her being a jinn. Djinns are similar to humans but exist in another dimension, Noor. A group of Djinns called the Clandestine were banished from Noor and have been trying to find their way back from Earth ever since. Kamala is part of this group. When Bruno examines Kamala’s powers for the first time, he realizes they are the result of a mutation in her body, certifying her as the first mutant in the MCU.

In the comics, Kamala is a normal teenager in New York who gets his powers from the release of Terrigen Mist. At that moment she realizes that she is inhuman.

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