6 things only comic readers know about Mafia Tracksuit

Every superhero needs a villain to fight, and Hawk Eye Is no exception. And even to say that villains don’t have special powers, doesn’t mean they can’t cause a lot of trouble for the hero. Kate Bishop and Clint Barton both had to take on the Mafia Tracksuit (also known as Tracksuit Draculas) in the comics. While these men may not seem too dangerous, their leader Echo is a different story.

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Mafia Tracksuit is the main antagonist of the first season of Hawk EyeClint and Kate will have to work very hard to stop them. While the show has provided some information about their leader Echo as well as the group itself, there are still some things that only comic readers will know about the Mafia Tracksuit.

6 The appearance of their first comic book

Although their prominence in Hawk Eye, Tracksuit Mafia is still a new organization in the comics. It only first appeared in August 2012 in the new comic book volume of Matt Fraction and David Aja Hawkeye. Just like on the show, both Kate and Clint are on the Mafia Tracksuit team together.

However, the whole story is a bit different and the Tracksuit Mafia also has an alternate name in the comics. They are also known as Tracksuit Draculas, a name Hawkeye came up with, while in the MCU, Clint just calls them the Mafia Tracksuit.


5 Their shared history

Tracksuit Draculas taken with Hawkeye

By the time the audience met Clint again in Hawk Eye, he was involved in the Mafia Tracksuit as Ronin. A flashback shows Ronin killing William Lopez, setting Echo on her path to revenge. But Hawkeye’s History with Other Mafia Tracksuits in the Comics.

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They confronted him several times, such as when they threatened to kill all the inhabitants of a building and Clint stopped them. The Mafia Tracksuit also hired an assassin named Clown to kill Clint, but Clown is one of the villains that has yet to appear on the show. Instead, the Mafia Tracksuit just hunted down Clint and Kate on her own, without hiring outside help.

4 Who Is The Clown?

Hawkeye Clown

While the Clown assassin has yet to attempt to kill Clint Barton on the show, the man beneath the mask has appeared in the show. Hawk Eye though viewers who don’t read the manga may not realize it. Clown’s real name is Kazimierz Kazimierczak, known simply as Kazi, who is Echo’s right-hand man on the show.

Four of the six episodes of the first season have aired but so far, Kazi has shown no sign of turning into a Clown. In the fourth episode, Clint confronts Kazi and asks him to convince Echo to try and let her hunt after Ronin is gone. Judging by Echo’s fight with Clint and Kate at the end of the episode, either Kazi doesn’t deliver the message or Echo just doesn’t care.

3 The plot of Kazi

Hawkeye Kazi

Aside from Echo, Kazi is easily the most prominent member of the Mafia Tracksuit on the show. Echo already has her background story, but there are very few details that audiences know about Kazi. His backstory in the comics is much richer. Kazi comes from a circus family but he came to America after his family was killed. After the tragic death of his friend, something in Kazi arose, he started killing people and became a mercenary.

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Many people used his services and the Tracksuit Mafia hired him to kill Clint. Kazi killed Hawkeye’s neighbor Grills (fans of the larva that stole Ronin’s suit on the show) but then, Clint and Kate were able to defeat him. It’s unlikely all of these details will surface on the show, especially since it changed the exact form of Kazi’s link to the Mafia Tracksuit, making him one of them, not just the a hired mercenary.

2 They threatened luck

Lucky to sit on the couch at Hawkeye

One of the more disgusting things the Mafia Tracksuit does in the comics is threaten Lucky, the dog Pizza, who is Kate’s dog best friend. It happened during the Mafia Tracksuit’s attack on Clint’s apartment. Luckily for Lucky, the dog survived and it even hit back at the attackers by fending off the Clown.

In the show, such a conflict has yet to happen, although Lucky has been exposed to the Tracksuit Mafias before and attacks one of them, the man looking for the precious watch.

first Echo is not a member of the group

Echoes in the boxing ring in Hawkeye

Although Maya Lopez aka Echo is the leader of the Mafia Tracksuit on the show, she has no connection with them in the manga. Instead, Echo originally worked for Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin, who ordered her to kill Daredevil. But when Echo learns the truth about the death of her father (whom Kingpin killed), she turns against her benefactor and tries to kill him.

She also had a brief affair with both Daredevil and Hawkeye and eventually became one of the good guys. It’s again unlikely that Echo will experience such a transformation on the show as she not only leads the team but also blames Ronin for the death of her father William.

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