6 lingering questions we have about Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is the second attempt to reboot the franchise. Will it be successful this time? Only time will tell, but there are plenty of reasons this movie could be a hit: it’s a true sequel. One of the problems with the 2016 movie is that it takes place in a separate universe, not exactly what fans want to see.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife try to fix those problems by going back to the drawing board. There is clearly hope of continuing the franchise with another movie, TV show, cartoon, video game, or comic book. With that in mind, what is the most pressing issue that fans remain curious to the end of the film that the further media can answer?

There will be spoilers ahead.

Egon’s Money Matters

Ghostbusters uniform from Ghostbusters: Afterlife

The Spenglers seem horribly cursed with money problems. Egon made no money, which was later passed on to his daughter. This raises a multitude of questions. If Egon really can’t make any money, then how has he survived all these decades alone?

He couldn’t afford the house and all that equipment easily. Egon may have worked odd jobs around town as a mechanic. Janine said she helped Egon by taking care of his bills, but it’s not clear if she was paying out of pocket or just managing his cash. However, one thing is for sure: he left Callie nothing.


Callie’s Husband, Parents, and Work

Callie from Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Callie’s family is kicked out at the beginning of the film, but it’s never stated why she broke up. Leaving one’s home can be the scariest thing in real life to experience like a mother. It was also never mentioned what her job was. There’s a lot about Callie and the rest of the Spengler family that has never been talked about other than Egon.

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For example, who is Callie’s mother? It couldn’t have been Janine, or Callie would have recognized her when they reached the ranch. She must be raised by someone, and she is not an orphan. The only one specifically mentioned is her husband, though unnamed – he just walked away because he couldn’t deal with Phoebe. All of these can be addressed in the next section.

Gary And The Ghostbusters

Gary and Phoebe operate a ghost trap from Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Gary is the only one not only know about ghosts, but also of Ghostbusters. This brings a lot of questions in mind about the state of the world. Why is he the only one in the movie who usually knows and gets excited about them? It was three decades ago, but it was hard to forget such a mystery. Is he also from New York City? If that’s the case, then why was he transferred to Somerville?

The subject of knowledge Ghostbusters raises another question. After the New York City events of 1984, what other agencies have been born since? Surely Gozer isn’t the only powerful demon/ghost in this entire cinematic universe. How is the rest of the world going? That is the bigger question.

Shandor’s Plan

Gozer's Tomb from Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Shandor is only mentioned by name in the first movie, and his body is seen in the next part is a big deal. He is also played by a great actor, JK Simmons. It’s a pity that he couldn’t be in the movie more than a sleeping corpse followed by a split corpse. What is now known is that Shandor constructed the tall building in New York City from metal mined in Somerville.

If he did it as a backup plan for the Somerville mausoleum, would he build any more altars to Gozer in the rest of the world? Maybe it’s a way to justify other Ghostbusters-like companies popping up around the world. However, Gozer’s calendar stops at 2021, so maybe this is the calendar for Gozer.

Winston’s plans for the future of Ghostbusters

A scene featuring Ecto-1 characters from Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Of the four main Ghostbusters, Winston stands first. Peter is probably married to Dana and is teaching, so he must at least have a decent life. Egon and Ray are the only two who seem to have trouble after they leave. After the incident in Somerville, Winston decided to start the Ghostbusters company again. That was the last scene.

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Does that mean he bought the fire house from Starbucks to hunt ghosts with Ray and Peter again? No, probably not. Next movie, TV show, video games, or whatever it may be it will be about Winston looking for new candidates. It’s a bit odd that he’s moved back to New York City since it was founded in Ghostbusters: Afterlife that the ghost well had dried up there many years ago. It will be interesting to see how things are explained next.

What is Canon?

Ray's Paranormal Books from Ghostbusters: Afterlife

NS Ghostbusters canon is almost as confusing as NS Halloween Franchising, there are many branching timelines. Originally, the first two movies were canon. There are also comic books and two separate cartoons. The 2016 film is a complete reboot that takes place in a separate universe. Amidst all that is one movie matching game, is considered the official third film. The question now is: what is canon and what is not?

Specifically, is there anything after the first movie? For example, if Ghostbusters 2 happened, so shouldn’t Vigo be mentioned as another giant New York City incident? Ghostbusters bring the Statue of Liberty to life; Surely that won’t be forgotten anytime soon, The only proof that Ghostbusters 2 It may still be a rule that Ray has a bookstore. He could have established that shop as a nod to Ghostbusters 2 but not the link to the movie. It’s all quite confusing.

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