6 Key Points to Consider While Designing a Logo

One common mistake that business owners make is to think that a logo is just a symbol without any real value. But a smart logo catches peoples’ attention, draws in more revenue, and has a lasting impression in clients’ minds. In this article, we will discuss the dos and don’ts of logo design.

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Here are our six tips for logo designing-

Do your research

A logo represents a brand’s value to its clients. So, without researching the business type and client base, how can you make a suitable logo for the company

One good way to understand a business’s niche and customer base is to go through the brand questionnaire page. Once you have formed a clear picture of its niche, you can ideate on the design, the color, and the texture of the logo.

Universality is a key concept behind designing a logo. If your business has a diverse client base, design a logo that has a universal appeal. 

Keep it simple, keep it real

Have you seen Apple’s first logo design? If you haven’t, google it and compare it with the latest one. Which one appeals to you more? The sleek, modern, and minimalistic one, right? It’s not complex, cluttered, and can be scaled down easily.

Simplifying your logo makes it more memorable, versatile, and effective. Leave out purely decorative stuff like entwined textures, gaudy colors, and sinuous fonts. Use shadows and gradients at a minimum level. Otherwise, it becomes a garbled mess. Remember, the more stuff that you include, the less it appeals to the masses.

Make it scalable

In the course of advertising and marketing, your logo will be scaled up and down. Before finalizing it, do check if it retains the details when it’s scaled-down. Also, check for any incongruencies in the design. Otherwise, when it’s printed in a large format, inconsistent outlines will ruin the appeal.

Furthermore, proportionality is a core designing principle. Check if the logo works on different mediums. A logo that might work on digital media might be hard to etch on a business card. Similarly, a logo might look good on print but lose its shine when rendered in a digital medium.

Don’t rely too much on trends

The thing about the trend is they change quite a lot, often within a few months. So, if your design becomes redundant after a few months, it’s not a good thing, right?

While it’s essential to align with trends, it’s not ideal for revamping a logo solely based on periodic fads. Making a few tweaks to the logo is enough. Look at major global companies; they are very cautious about following any run-of-the-mill trends. Rather they prefer to retain their uniqueness.

Colors matter a lot

Designing a logo can be overwhelming in the beginning. You have a multitude of options regarding color, fonts, texture, fonts. So, consider designing it in monochrome to get a rough outlook of how it looks.

Instead of going for routine black and white monochrome, you can use grey and white to get a better view of those outlines. Once you have prepared the rudimentary design, it’s time to decide on the color palette.

One pro tip- colors often convey different ideas in different countries and different cultures. So, if you are dealing with an overseas client, make sure to research that or, better, directly ask the client. 

Break the rules

People remember things that stand out for their originality and distinctiveness. So, push through the clutter and come up with something that draws everyone’s attention at first glance.

Avoid cliched designs and hackneyed generic ideas. Understand the business ethos to incorporate that in the logo. Play with negative space, experiment with typography to come up with something new.

Final thoughts

While designing a logo, follow the five golden principles of designing- simplicity, versatility, adaptability, consistency, and uniqueness. Your brand logo should convey a basic idea of your business niche. Designing a logo based on these principles, as mentioned above, will surely help in your business growth.

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