6 game breaking crashes in anniversary edition

Absolute amount of content referred Skyrim with Anniversary edition The upgrade is amazing, as it includes everything in Creative Club as well as some never-before-seen add-ons. Special Edition Skyrim However, also received the patch on 11/11/2021 to coincide with the upgrade process Anniversary edition No purchase required to download.

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However, this update seems to have caused more problems than it solved, as players reported a lot of bugs and glitches. not in Skyrim prior to (or, at least, less prominently). The update isn’t the only thing to blame: Anniversary edition It was the content itself that caused some of these problems. The only way to fix the majority Skyrm Commemorative Edition the glitch is going back SkyrimThe game version of, though this can only be done through player-created mods.


Black screen of death

Skyrim Anniversary glitch Alduin loading screen error

Affectionately called the Black Screen of Death by Skyrim Anniversary Edition player, this issue causes the game to not load any images when loading into a new area, loading save, or other actions that lead to a loading screen. Sound, voice, and music still play, but there’s nothing the player can do – PC players can’t even open the console when this happens.

This incident seems to be mainly related to version of Anniversary edition on PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox One and Series X | S, although many PC players have also reported this issue. Although Bethesda has released a patch to address this common problem, it doesn’t completely solve it. Some players found that disabling player-generated mods fixed the problem, though be prepared to go back to old autosaves, quick saves, and frequent saves to find one that hasn’t been tampered with.

Broken physics in Intro Cutscene

Skyrim Anniversary glitch Intro Cutscene error Ralof Ulfric Helgen

Introductory cutscene of Skyrim The scene where the player is taken to Helgen to be executed alongside Ulfric, Ralof, and the horse thief Lokir is one of the most iconic scenes in Video Game history (it’s also one of the only cutscenes in The Elder Scrolls series in general). That update launched with Anniversary editionHowever, this makes this ride more chaotic for many players.

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Early in the game, some players have experienced trolleys being launched into the sky, spawning underground, rapidly winding in place, not moving at all, or walking on its own path leading to far away. Helgen. that is don’t know how to fix this other than simply restarting the game and hopefully it will resolve itself.

NPCs and underground spawn items

Skyrim Anniversary buggy Texture NPC spawns in wrong place

An unfortunate glitch that many consoles and PCs Skyrim experienced players causes NPCs, items, and objects to appear underground. Usually this isn’t a problem and won’t even go unnoticed by players. However, this glitch also affects important quest NPCs and items.

For example, in the quest The Rising Dead added to the Plague Of The Dead creation, the player is instructed to read the Necromancer’s Journal about the corpse of one of the Necromancers that conjured up the stinking Zombies in the Southfringe Sanctum. However, this NPC was reported as missing by many players when it actually spawned underground, making the quest impossible to complete. PC players can use the console command “TCL” to rotate through the ground, but PlayStation and Xbox players are stuck with an unfinished task.

Almost every third party mod crashes with Skyrim

Skyrim Anniversary Glitches Error Mods Addons Black Screen

NS Skyrim Update included with Anniversary edition updated and reformatted much of the code for the game, modernizing a lot of the scenarios that are decades old. However, this update broke a lot of player-made mods, rendering almost every mod unusable.

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Players who tried loading a save with mods installed found their save file corrupted – even after disabling or uninstalling these mods, savings will still be broken (and potentially inactive due to lack of assets). Many of the most popular mods are gradually being update for Anniversary edition, but older mods that are out of development may never install again.

Structural and loading glitches

Skyrim Anniversary Glitches Bugs Textures Loading

Because of the change to SkyrimSome players’ scripts and code have noticed that the game loads faster and runs more efficiently, increasing FPS and reducing wait times. However, multiplayer on high-end PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S has encountered a problem that is not suitable for modern gaming.

Textures don’t load correctly, player characters load in the background, and Objects are placed in the world and are placed by players who do not stay where they are supposed to be. Don’t know how to fix these glitches other than hopefully Bethesda rolls out another fix patch (although the player can eventually deal with these niche issues).

Dead Quicksaves and Autosaves

Skyrim Anniversary glitch Quicksaves autosave error Black screen of death

The main cause of Black Screen of Death is fast loading and auto-save done before Anniversary edition was released – e.g. a save made on November 10, 2021 has a high chance of not loading correctly. This is especially true for modified fast and automatic games, although the glitch is not limited to players who have changed their game.

If your game crashes when selecting quicksave or autosave, relaunch the game and go back to your save history to download older savings until you find one which works. Besides, make sure all mods created by your player are disabled. Savings made after release Anniversary edition seems to be fine, but don’t be surprised if your game suddenly decides to stop working correctly.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox One and Series X | S

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