6 best Fortnite Dropper codes

Fortnite can be competitive, especially in higher ranked matches. Improvement in Fortnite It will be fun, but you may find yourself exhausted from playing high stakes games.

Most players go back to regular game modes like Team Rumble or try out custom maps for a break from normal Fortnite matches. This helps players cool down and come back stronger whenever they return to playing casual matches. Some custom games will also improve player goals and other essential skills, while others will just be fun game modes.

Drip maps are not a new concept. Game mode exists in other games that support mods, like Minecraft. The Dropper map is like parkour mode with a slight twist: you will be free falling in the Dropper map and you also need to watch where you are falling.

When the Dropper map begins, players are likely to find themselves on a platform ready to jump. While falling, you need to make sure to go through a certain number of holes and use the pads to rotate your character to complete the map.

Here are some of the best Dropper maps in Fortnite.

IAREMICAH Low Gravity Dropper 5.0: 1941-1312-0540

Low Gravity Dropper – Image via IAREMICAH

Low Gravity Dropper is one of the few Dropper maps that brings updates. Considering all the beginner Dropper maps look similar, the real challenge will be to find maps that can challenge your skills.

It will be difficult to get bored with Low Gravity Dropper 5.0 because it shines with variety and comes with many different types of Dropper parks for players to try.

FXXD1 Dropper Theme: 0425-4198-3533

Theme Dropper – Image via FXXD1

There will be parts of the Dropper map where you will only fall for a long period of time, enough to distract you and knock you out for a simple mistake. Keeping your battle front will be essential to completing the map, but you can always take the Dropper map slowly and just have fun with them.

The Dropper Theme features some of the most beautiful Dropper maps in the game, allowing players to enjoy their surroundings as they enter the game mode.

Infinite Dropper by PIMIT: 2732-2583-9096

Infinite Dropper – Image via PIMIT

Depending on how much you like the Dropper map, you may find that some of them finish faster than expected.

If you are looking for a map that can fulfill all of your Dropper needs, Infinite Dropper might be the map for you. After trying out Infinite Dropper, you can start changing the map less often because it won’t end. Infinite Dropper has an almost bottomless map and you will keep falling until you are eliminated.

Tazz_Lunatique’s Extreme Dropper: 3949-8901-9626

Extreme Dropper – Image via Tazz_Lunatique

Most drip maps do a good job of providing enough obstacles. There’s a fine line between having too many factors that disqualify a player and having just enough of them.

In this case, Extreme Dropper lives up to its name, featuring some of the toughest Dropper parkour obstacles in the game. You will have less time to think in Extreme Dropper because you will be too busy trying to dodge the next obstacle in your way.

ICIFYED Default Dropper: 6585-0575-5408

Default Dropper – Image via ICIFYED

The default Dropper has a lava theme with beautiful images. The look of this map is what sets it apart from the others. The surroundings are the map’s lava center which makes it fun to play, but the map can be tiring for the player’s eyes if they play with high brightness settings.

The bright yellow tones may be a bit too much to handle for some players. If you still want to keep playing the map, you can lower your brightness settings or adjust your display.

Impossible Dropper by CONS-A-DUDE: 1671-6182-8491

Impossible Dropper – Image via CONS-A-DUDE

Players who love Dropper maps with lots of obstacles will share in the fun in Impossible Dropper. This Dropper map has more obstacles than it probably should, making it one of the most challenging maps on our list.

If you happen to like any of the maps above, you can also follow their creators on social media as they can always update the map and release improved versions. By following them, you can be one of the first players to try out a new creative map and even provide feedback in the process. 6 best Fortnite Dropper codes


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