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Backbone has attracted the attention of a large audience since its release on June 8, 2021. Part of that is due to indie game attraction, but also because it lives up to its creator’s promises and fan expectations. From the incredible soundtrack to the perfectly crafted story, everything fits perfectly in the world of Backbone.

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Players take on the role of a panda investigator who stumbles upon a grisly murder. As the game unfolds, the intent and concept of the game becomes clear, making it a story that players will remember long after the game is over. Due to the unique structure of the gameplay, most people may feel disoriented at first when they try out the game. But after getting familiar with the basics, it’s easy to get lost in it. To make this easy and quick, we’ve compiled a list of the basics every beginner should know. before starting Backbone.

Interact with & Observe Everything

Backbone environment

Playing with environment is important in Backbone. Everything has a reason and will come in handy as a clue to a murder or a clue to understanding the world in which it happened. This makes the game a bit slower, as the player needs take the time to look around and observe the environment, Interact with everything possible.

The game takes this very seriously, and so the player should not rush through the game. Because the main character is a private investigator, the game places clues almost everywhere, giving explanations for everything. They can explain the chaotic world the characters are in, as well as biographies of all the main and minor characters in the game.


Be as stealthy as you can

Backbone screenshots

Use the hidden camera system in Backbone Very important for gameplay. And because the game doesn’t explain any of this, it can be difficult at first to get used to the mechanics, or even to fully understand how essential it is. The character the player controls is a private investigator, not a World War II veteran. He doesn’t have any weapons or skills to defend himself in a physical confrontation.

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Every time the character needs to run away from an area or need to get past anyone, this solution will always be to crouch and sneak past them unnoticed. And while the game offers regular autosave checkpoints, it’s best to learn this early in the game to avoid losing progress.

Treat the main character as an anti-hero

Backbone Art

The player character in this game is far from perfect. This can cause some scenes and scenarios to seem conflicting, especially when the player needs to choose from two options, both of which are never ideal. The game will go in the direction of sharing the past mistakes of the panda Howard with the player, and of course, the main character will continue to make mistakes in the future.

Sometimes the game will go bad with unworthy characters, and the player just has to follow it. Of course, at the end of the day, players will have the opportunity to turn this situation around. However, the best is throw any and all expectations of what a hero looks like out the window before starting with Backbone.

Dialogue selection problem

Backbone dialogue selection

For the reasons mentioned above, dialogue choices make sense throughout the story. They shape the protagonist’s behavior and nature, and more importantly, they open up some of the secrets hidden in the game’s story. Dialogue choices don’t last until the end of the game as Detroit: Be Human, so the player can take a deep breath and release that pressure.

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But in the overall gameplay, dialogue is important. They determine whether Howard is a secretive detective or more of an open and curious person. And of course, it will determine how much the player knows about the world at the end of the game, and therefore, how they interpret the whole experience. As mentioned before, don’t rush it – take the time to talk to people and choose your dialogue options carefully.

Focus on the story

Backbone Dialogue

The mechanics of the game are extremely simple, allowing players to focus mainly on the topic and story. That’s why the background music and graphics are done perfectly, to immerse the player in the world of Backbone completely. Don’t expect complicated gameplay; focus on the story.

Once the player learns the basic mechanics and tricks of the game (like stealth and exploration), it all boils down to piecing together the incredibly complex plot of how it all came to be. any. It makes the gameplay feel effortless and so the story shines through perfectly.

The game will not hold the player’s hand

Backbone screenshots

One of the best (and worst) things about Backbone is that it refuses to feed anything to the player. The main story will be presented in scenes that the player goes through, and the storyline can be unlocked by investigating. The supporting characters and main characters do not receive any explanation; players can learn as much as possible about them.

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And finally, the mechanics aren’t explained either, meaning players have to learn on the job. And even though super easy mechanics, in the first half of the game, there will be a definite learning curve. Be prepared to fail a few times in practice.

Backbone Now available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / WILL

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