5 years later, Pokemon Sun And Moon is still the most recent generation

Five years ago on November 18, 2016, Pokemon Sun and Moon launched for the 3DS. Alola’s location is based on Hawaii of the United States and a lot of new concepts have been introduced such as regional variations, z-move, and Festival Plaza. Hiding in the middle Pokemon X and Y and Sword Pokemon and Shield generations, Sun and Moon There are many reasons to be considered the best of the latest three main games because of its uniqueness Elite Four, villains and new Pokemon designs.

With new Pokemon game on the horizon like Pokemon Legend: Arceus and Diamond and Pearl do it again, this is a great time to look back on the past Pokemon games and what really makes some different from others. Sun and Moon sitting between two generations has changed the way Pokemon games are played, but they score well in terms of gameplay and design.


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What made the Sun and Moon one of the greatest generations?

Sun and Moon Art.

For the region alone, Alola is the winner for its close relationship with nature and Hawaii-inspired culture. On Reddit, many fans note that Alola feels very cozy and the way the islands are groups has given it a richer biodiversity and human diversity than previous games. there. Many people have listed Alola as one of their top favorite areas, and some have noted that part of that favorite is to recommend regional variation.

Sun and Moon introduced one of the most popular new trends in recent times Pokemon games, and there are regional variations, many of which are hits like Alolan Ninetails, Alolan Exeggutor, and Alolan Raichu. Due to its success, this is a design choice that seems planned to continue into the future Pokemon regions, with a new variant of Zorua recently announced for Pokemon Legend: Arceus as evidence.

In addition to the regional variations, the new Pokemon introduced in the game are all loved by the fan community. Mimikyu is currently one of the most popular Pokemon of all time, and Pokemon Starter has some of the best designs compared to NS and Y and Sword and Shield. Other fan favorites of this generation include Cutiefly, Rockruff, Cosmog, Bewear, Morelull, Palossand, and Pyukumuku.

An important change that Sun and Moon introduce that Sword and Shield further remove the HM moves. These Pokemon moves are not so common in battle but must be taught to the Pokemon so that the player walks around trees, rocks, and water. Sun and Moon introduced Poke Rides, allowing players to call on a Pokemon not on their team to help them out instead. This removed the old frustration of the game, where players would often spend a single Pokemon using HM moves and never use them for anything else.

Sun and Moon had the best story compared to most games. The characters are pretty unforgettable including the topless one Pokemon Professor, a bored cop whose house is full of Meowths, and a street gang formed by a man who failed in his Pokemon journey. Both allies and enemies have more lives than in previous games. Hau and Lillie, the protagonist’s friends, have very different personalities and thoughts about battles, and Lillie in particular has to go through a lot of changes due to her unique relationship with the main antagonist of the series. game. Team Skull is a fan-favorite villain team, as they are endearing because their leader genuinely cares about his complaints and has the simple goal of being the bad guys he wants to be. money to support themselves.

5 years after Pokemon Sun and Moon

Litten vs Raichu.

Three years later Sun and Moon, Sword and Shield become the most recent Pokemon games but they lack some of the things that make up Sun and Moon especially. On top of that, the writing quality goes downhill in terms of villains, allies, and plot. Team Yell seems to be a weaker buzz than Team Skull, although Marnie and Piers are fan favorites with stellar design. Teammates like Hau are also a weaker echo than characters like Lillie. The biggest obstacle, though, is what fans call “Dexit”, where there are so many Pokemon missing from National Pokedex. Fans also have mixed feelings about the wild open areas, some feeling like the area is too empty and lifeless compared to previous titles.

This five-year anniversary makes fans think about the place Pokemon are heading, and often it’s about how they miss older games. Sun and Moon will only age in the future, but it hopes to continue to inspire the game to stick with its regional variations, strong text, and memorable characters.

Pokemon Sun and Moon now available on Nintendo 3DS.

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